Managing Monday #1

10 Oct

So Mondays suck according to most people.  It is the start of a long work week. It is the sign that the weekend is over.  I am going to share with you some of the ways that I have learned to deal with Monday to make it more bearable.

#1 – I get off work early on Mondays.  One day a week we get to leave at 2:00 – most people pick Friday which makes for a quite Friday afternoon for me. I picked Monday so the very first day of work that week is more tolerable because it is over with time to unwind. I take the afternoon to go to the park or run…just depends – sometimes I go home and nap – it is my day!

#2 – I exercise. I Zumba and I run.  I found that my anxiety has gone away and it makes me more able to face the week with a smile and gives me some time away from my kids and husband to reflect and think and even cry if I so feel like it. It is my free me time.

#3 – I plan for daycare on Sunday evening so I am not forgetting absolutely everything. I have a bag that gets packed with mat sheets, morning snacks, and juice cups get put in the fridge. Daycare – done.

#4 – I set out clothes for Monday the night before. I pick out two outfits Sunday night (sometimes 4 or 5) and place them at the front of my closet so I can just grab and go.  What I don’t pick usually gets worn later that week and I have saved that day some time as well.

#5 – I get up early. I am most productive in the morning. I get Nick his coffee and breakfast going, unload and reload the dishwasher, fluff and fold laundry, and get some quiet time in with my daily devotions on the front or back porch.  The quiet time makes me feel more calm going into a busy week.

I also find that planning meals for the week, the schedule for the week, and a few fun activities in there is helpful as well. People laugh at me and my lists, lists, and more lists – but you will find I am not a crazy woman running around with my head cut off.  I have found myself to be more tolerable and more helpful to my family and that is a huge plus to me.  I may not be the Proverbs 31 woman, but I feel like I am on the same page as her – and to me that is good!


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