Sharing Saturday

15 Oct

Saturday is when we hang out with friends, family, etc.  I decided to make it a sharing day.  Sharing some things I love, sharing friends blogs, etc. – if you got a friend who does something fun – tell me – I will share it!

My dear friend Michelle – she is one of the craftiest people I know and she is an awesome mother, giver, friend, person. Check out her blog – she is just plain fun to read and you get to oogle all her goodies too! She is on Twitter with me – she has some fun reads – you will smile every so often and who doesn’t like that?

I don’t personally know this on – but Gracie is fun too. She is doing what some of us only dream of doing! She is God-fearing, single, living in NYC, blogging, working, and giving. Check out her info on FreelyBe and she is also (Along with FreelyBe) on Twitter – more fun stuff!

My girl Donna who is a runner, jogger, and swimmer and is very honest in her abilities and her training. She may not be winning IronMan – but she is running in the one in Texas next year – Yeah – she is awesome. I am still coming up with ways to get out of running a half marathon I want to do.  Gotta love  a woman who knows what she wants!

Please check out my girls – you will love them!


One Response to “Sharing Saturday”

  1. Michelle Philippi October 15, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

    I missed the memo about you being a .com and switching to WordPress! – – fun, right? Your commitment to fitness inspires me….but not enough to make me get off my fat ass and do it too. But it’s admirable for sure. And when will you know if you are moving in DEC or FEB? What the heck, the give you a day’s notice or what?? I’m gettin’ crafty…..then we have a soccer game in the afternoon….and then the Boise State game this evening. Oh, and by the way, only sick people like Mondays :p Love ya’, girl! xo

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