Staying on Task

15 Oct

So with this move coming up it is harder and harder to keep a normal schedule! Cleaning for the realtor, appointment here, appointment there, paperwork, job search, daycare search, mapping the route, and oh yeah – you need a place to live too!  I actually had a HUGE stress headache on Wednesday and had to do nothing to make it better. That is the first time the whole situation has stressed me.  Yikes.

Tonight my dear hubby and I decided to have a date night that got us home by 9:15 – we are night owls right? We grabbed a quick dinner at Smithfields and then went and watched Footloose. I loved it.  It had the great one liners from the original and the same idea, but was far enough from being absolutely identical that it was good. The bad boy Chuck Cranston was played by a total douche bag so that kind of stunk, but Ren was adorable (why couldn’t he have been from somewhere other than Boston though, I mean really??), Ariel was cute, but Willard. Willard stole the show and had me laughing till I cried at one point. He stole the show. Miles Teller – you rocked it as Willard.

I am hoping that this weekend of family, pumpkins, and helping the food pantry will ease some stress and let me re-coup myself.  I need to be on the ball going forward to be able to help my family through this transition and be strong. I am excited for what is to come, but still a little worried about all the travel with two kids – I would be silly to say otherwise. But for tonight – I will leave you with this: “LET’S DANCE!”



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