Thankful Thursday

20 Oct

So sometimes money gets tight. Mainly because 2 years ago I left my job at John Deere. Still haven’t found something I have enjoyed as much (the job, not the situation).  I also haven’t found anything that pays as much as they did. Oh well, 8 years in at a company tends to pay better than 1 year in.

I have found out how to budget with the best of them. I mean – I coupon (not like some of the ladies around here though) and look for sales, but it still is hard when you have 2 growing kids, and a desire to eat healthy. Food is stinking expensive!

I now use Suave as opposed to Pantene (Suave is pretty darn good if I do say so myself!), I buy generic instead of name brand (except for macaroni & cheese – blue box please!).  Goodwill calls my name the two times year I go clothes shopping. I found name brands with tags for $3 each!  I am not ashamed for being frugal, I just wish I could do it more and be still be able to save some money each month!

So since my girls are 4 and 2 and winter is approaching (and a move to Alaska) new clothes are needed. Ryley is not big enough to fit into any clothes that are winter appropriate that were Abby’s, and Abby has no one ahead of her to give her clothes.  I began to worry about how I was going to get the girls clothes. I was kept trying to save to take them to Goodwill, but something just kept coming up.  I was honestly starting to worry.  Then one random day I come home to a big box on my front steps.

A box full of clothes from my mom.

Mom always knows – right?  Thanks mom – it was the perfect timing.

Abby's Famous Pose

She LOVES monkeys!!


These are some pictures of them in their new clothes….they are always up for a show!


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