What’s New Wednesday #2

26 Oct

I am slightly obsessed with my coffee. When I worked up at John Deere in Cary, the drive thru lady knew my order by the sound of my truck, as I am pretty sure I was the only F-350 Diesel Dually going through their drive thru every day.  I would volunteer to put the kids in the car at nap time and drive to Southern Pines for Starbucks just so I could use the gift card I asked for, for Christmas.  It is sad. I know. The gas cost way more than it was worth.

These days I brew my own or look for really good deals at the local coffee shop (they never happen) or Starbucks at nap time with my gift cards which are running out.  Our budget has shrunk since I changed jobs, changed jobs again, and have two kids in daycare.  So let me tell you how excited I was when Nick came home with my “We Brew It! You Do It!” Cup!


This way if I am running behind, or just don’t feel like getting up to make coffee – I can grab my cup and fill up for $1! They also have $0.49 Wednesdays (Hello – what is today??)  to get you past hump day. AND from what I understand – you can send a text message and you may get notice about free fill up days! Now this is a deal!

This is my way of feeling like I did something for myself. My little treat – and it is under $1 (As I will most likely only participate in the Wednesday deal). This goes right along with the deal they did this summer on free refills all summer for buying their special cup – that was an amazing deal. Way to go Pantry Corporation – you have my seal of approval!


One Response to “What’s New Wednesday #2”

  1. DragonLady October 26, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

    Nice! I’m due for a new mug… 🙂

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