Fitness Friday

28 Oct

I by nature am not a runner. I used to say I would only run if chased.  I would even tell people they were crazy for wanting to run – you could do so many other things than torture!  Then one day I decided to run a 5K – the next day with no training. Um, yeah. Needless to say I couldn’t walk without a limp for a good week.  Stupid.

Then I realized it had beat me. I let something beat me that I had control over. I am trying not to let this happen. So I began running. Or walking with two seconds of running thrown in. I was awful. I never thought I would make it anywhere. Why was I torturing myself? This is silly!

Then I enlisted a friend to help me in the mornings. She would get up, bring one of her 6 kids over to stay at my house while my kids slept, and we would run. Petra and I had determination. We started around June and by July I ran another 5K and beat my original no training time by 4 minutes. I was very happy with that as it was like 99 degrees with 99% humidity.

I learned to sing to help with my breathing, I learned to eat healthier, drink lots of water – do things to help me get better!

Then we joined a run club in town where a bunch of people (We are now up to 160) get together and run a train in town. Pretty cool stuff.

Then last month sometime our mojo started to run out. Not sure why. Then Petra got pregnant and then neither of us wanted to get up in the cold anymore. Yes – this is something I will need to learn to deal with as I am moving to Alaska.

Last night we had our frist ever Zombiegeddon Human Hunt 5K 2011 – so cool.

I was excited for this, except for the fact that I was pushing my double stroller which I usually don’t mind. Being slow with zombies is not cool.

I ran and before I got to our turnaround I couldn’t run anymore. I was whooped. My lungs hurt, I was out of breath, and I couldn’t run anymore. What on earth?  A month of no training has left me back where I started. Feeling defeated. It is amazing how long it takes to get there and how quickly it goes away.

I believe that I have to make the choice to run, instead of going with the excuse to not run because my friend can’t do mornings anymore. I need to make the choice for myself. I will not let someone else’s choices make me lose something I worked to get.

No More Excuses

I will run again, and I will not stop.


3 Responses to “Fitness Friday”

  1. DragonLady October 28, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    Run Molly Run! 🙂 A bunch of folks (including me) were complaining about the lung burn after Zombiegeddon. I’ve got to start running at lunch. There is just no way around it. I never was a runner either. A really fast sprinter, and I could run suicides all day, but I couldn’t ever distance run. It’s still amazing that I passed my run in basic training with a minute to spare. lol

  2. Jessye October 28, 2011 at 12:34 pm #

    You can do it!! Just keep imagining that feeling of accomplishment… Gets me everytime! ❤ Proud of you!

  3. Petra October 28, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    I am so mad at this baby for interfering with my fitness routines! 😉 Seriously though – get out there and run! I am going to get back to it asap after this baby gets out of me. I can still run, just not as far without my lungs collapsing… I should go outside and run right now… I feel so much better when I do!!!

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