Fitness Friday #2

13 Jan

So up here in Alaska the weather doesn’t really allow for me to just go out in the morning with the kids in stroller and run.

I can tell you the snow has doubled since this picture

SO I have been trying to figure out how to get back into the feel good shape I was in. I am talking the no stress, no anxiety, no real health issue feel good shape.

I tried to Zumba at the gym on base. One word for ya. AWFUL.

I tried to run on the treadmill at the Arctic Oasis Play Area.  #1 My kids don’t let me run without stopping every 2 seconds…#2 I hate running on a treadmill.

Sound smote like excuses than anything right? Partially right.

I actually ended up buying the Zumba Fitness II to get through the mornings and give me something. Not my favorite, but it will do. I can actually get some sweating in and enjoy it.  I still miss my girls and it makes me mad every time I go to workout that Cayce and Jennifer aren’t singing the silly latin songs, Deanna isn’t making funny faces at me in the mirror, Bonnie isn’t flipping everyone off in her moves, Jessica being the only instructor who would do “She Movin'” for me, and Jen isn’t right beside me. GRRR…

I applied to a job at the Alaska Club so that maybe I could get a free gym membership to a gym. I also like to motivate people so this would also be a job where I can motivate those on  the circuit machines. Yes I have some friends who hate them and don’t believe in them and I agree, but some people do like them and if it gives me a job I will take it!

Just being in the place and seeing the fun that can be had it made me want to look into my certification for Zumba….um, none to be had in Alaska and when I wrote them they basically told me it was just that way.  Nice.

So then I remember a friend of mine who had faith in my enough to want to help pursue getting me personal and group fitness certified. Chris aka NinjaMan – you will be proud to know I am looking into it right now.  I found that there is training being offered on base in March or April and I will be looking into getting it done.  I want something I can take with me anywhere and I will be ready to go when we get back to North Carolina.

Plus it will give me some of those feel good endorphins to get through these winters!


One Response to “Fitness Friday #2”

  1. DragonLady January 13, 2012 at 9:04 am #

    So I was gonna say something about excuses, but remembered that I am the one who says “The DragonLady doesn’t run in the rain.” and “The DragonLady doesn’t run when it’s under 40 degrees.” LOL

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