Tasty Tuesday #2

17 Jan

I think it is funny that I am only #2 of this Tuesday post…I sit and eat things and say to myself all the time – I should blog about that….and then forget about it as I am eating deliciousness. I am a girl with a short attention span – what can I say?

Here is my first review of a GREAT place to eat.  Moose’s Tooth. Yes – it is amazing. Every time we drove by it was packed – so it had to be good to always have a full parking lot day or night, weekday or weekend. We pulled up and to our huge disappointment there was a 2-2.5 hour wait. That will never work with kids. Fail.  4 days later we tried again and it was only 1 hour wait. We waited.

While you wait you can enjoy one of their many beers that they brew. I decided against it, because I am funny about new beers. Nick on the other hand liked it very much.

My mouth entered Heaven. I ate their Club Pizza and one of their white style pizzas. The white was good – not bad at all.  The Club pizza I am telling you was a whole other level of good. It was a sandwich – yet pizza. I can’t even describe the awesomeness of this pizza.

It was so good that we ordered it about 2 days later and brought it home. It was still awesome. 

Then it happened. We go to order it last week and it happened. The Club was no longer. It was a special only. So I made sure that while I declined getting any other pizza they knew it was like they ripped my heart out. It still get me my pizza and it still didn’t make me feel better.

After me and the girls went snowboarding a week or so later,  guess where we went….Moose’s Tooth. Oh yeah. I ordered a Picante Chicken pizza and added BACON (yummy). It was good and spicy just as I wanted it to be. I was happy about the food again, but I still made sure to tell the waitress that discontinuing the Club pizza was their worst decision ever.

Will I be back – HECK YES! Am I still butt hurt about my Club Pizza – HECK YES!

If you ever are in town or live here – Moose’s Tooth.  There is no other choice.


One Response to “Tasty Tuesday #2”

  1. DragonLady January 17, 2012 at 5:07 am #

    All I see is BACON! 🙂 And “butt hurt.” 😉

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