Managing Monday #3

23 Jan

I am back to my planner! I was so happy to get mine on sale for $2.50 this year! It is plain but it works! I literally have everything in it. No joke.  On Saturday or Sunday of each week I review the upcoming two weeks worth of things that are going to happen. I then plan when I need to have items done so that I am completely ready beforehand for it.  I write it all down – I mean everything no matter how big or small. I can’t rely on my brain to remember anymore after having kids – I swear it went out the window!  I give the girls a bath every other day and I have that in my planner so I can remember to plan for it that evening.

I have also started to use my phone for reminders as well. I always have it with me so why not? It is a smart phone, so it should start being smart!  I can use it to start lists or input quick reminders. Those on-the-go “ah-ha” moments don’t get lost that way!  I also like to use this tool on the weekends when I review my schedule and then I can write those things that have been captured all week into the planner with the rest of the items.  That way I don’t have to look to more than one thing each time I check what I am supposed to be doing.

This allows for me to start my week of right on Monday morning by already knowing what I am supposed to be doing. That way there is no surprises to ruin the day.

My other saving grace (I hope) starting this week is meal prep and menu planning. I stress over meals – especially the Monday night meal. I want a good meal my first day back to work for the week. I don’t get home till around 6 with my new job and I usually like to feed my kids no later than 6:30 pm.  Nick gets home anywhere from 30 minutes before us to hours prior. More of the 30 minute range on most days though. So to help everyone out this week I made meals for Monday-Wednesday yesterday, also yesterday’s meal was a soup that I could bring to lunch today and tomorrow.  It was easy to put together with a lot of the same items I used for during the week!  I am not talking silly meals….We had meatball soup yesterday, chicken salad today with chili and garlic crusted chicken, aloha chicken, and meatloaf. YUM!  I also was so inclined to make two pies!  One blueberry  that I am not so sure about and a pear pie which I can’t wait to try today – for national pie day.

These are some things that help me!


One Response to “Managing Monday #3”

  1. sandi sohn January 23, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    So happy for you that things are starting to get back to normal. I had a planner before my smart phone, now my phone is my planner. I do miss writing everything down though. I have a thing for paper and pens. I should probably see someone to figure out why. Have a great week.

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