A Little Off…

29 Jan

So I have been feeling a little off since we received some news earlier this week. It was something I had been expecting in th eback of my head, but now it is real. Alot of my plans for this past week were kind of thrown out the window and will stay there until around Valentine’s Day.

Random Things … Petra I am blaming you for my new found love of posting lists.

We have no food in our house. Nick is the grocery shopper…not sure how this is to work going forward, but that is for another post.

I am going to try and start clean eating…maybe it is a good thing Nick won’t be the shopper.

I am having a hard time being motviated to run. I mean yes, I do get a paid hour off of work if I work out three times the week before. That is motivation, but walking outside to get to the gym in negative degree weather is not much fun. I feel like I should get something extra just for that.

I need my running partners back.

The school I work at will be offering Yoga during work hours and I can attend. So very excited to get to actually do it and not pay for it, and use it towards my hour off of work.

I get annoyed by Karen on MobWives. The show cracks me up – but that b*tch needs to calm the crap down. It is not all about her and who cares if Carla has Drita’s back – they are friends. Karen needs to take some prozac.

I still love the Spice Girls and will admit I have all three CD’s and I also have Geri’s CD when she left the group. Convincing Nick to rip the CD’s to his iTunes and put it on his iPod (which is now mine) so I can run to them is another story.

My daughters are really annoying me today. The needy and whiny attitudes they have today need to leave. I want my loving babies back.

I want to be able to read more in the next couple months. I have felt my intelligence is slipping. I watch way too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Some good reads are on my list. Fiction, biographies, non-fiction – everything is on it.

I have made some new friends and I am happy – I didn’t like being lonely. My friends in NC still have each other so they don’t call or answer as often as normal (with the exception of like 3-4). I know their life is going on like normal – but it still hurts a little.  I still got lo.

I found I am nore independent than I even thought. I knew I was just for the things I have gone through – but up here, I have added a whole new level to it.

My first born will be going to school this fall. I have started getting things in order and it makes me freak a little bit. I don’t know if I am ready for them to grow up – this has us thinking….maybe another?

I swore I wouldn’t do Pintrest. I was wrong. I found some great motivation pictures and sayings. And thank you Martha for pointing it out the same day I tried it out 🙂

I love Nick’s new iPhone – I just know I will crack it. I have no luck with stuff like that. I will have phone envy for a while until the newness wears off.

Have decided I will buy one Christmas present a month this year. I am also going to stick with Etsy to do it.

I really do believe that prayer has the ability work miracles and I will continue to keep a list of people to pray for.

I wish I could find a way to make some extra money without actually having to sell something or make something (cards). I have tried it all I swear, but I just really can’t seem to make it work. I just want to be able to write, or something like that – on my own time (not that I have a lot of that these days).

I still have a strange love of pens and pencils. I still need to go to OfficeMax. I am just worried I will spend $20 on pens. Wait – I know I will.

Okay – that is it for now. More to come as I have been making lists in my notebook of things to do and how to accomplish.

P.S. – spell check isn’t working right now…please excuse the bad spellng as I am sure it is in here.




2 Responses to “A Little Off…”

  1. Michelle Philippi January 29, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    Another baby – yes, do it! Do it now while you are still young enough and healthy enough. You will regret it later if you drag your feet and either get too old or have some unforeseen medical challenges. I still resist Pinterest and Facebook. I like making stuff way too much and don’t want something else sucking time away from me. Although I am not an inspiration person either…and I hear that’s what a lot of people use/like Pinterest for. As for friends – I told you before – you don’t need 10 half-ass friends…just a couple of really good ones; and in turn you can be a better, more meaningful friend to few than a not-so-close and meaningful friend to many. Maybe that’s the years I got on you speaking, but tried and true lessons learned. Chin up, girl. {hugs}

  2. DragonLady January 30, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    BCRT runs aren’t the same without you either, Molly. 😦

    You are welcome for the Pinterest callout. 🙂

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