Thankful Thursday #3

2 Feb

Lately I feel like I am being kind of  a brat and only thinking about the things that suck. I am making a very forceful step in the right direction starting today.  I am tired of being somewhat like my mom which is on the negative side.

Alaska Pacific University. I am going to be thankful that I have a job that I really do enjoy. It offers me the ability to go to school for free or close to is depending on the program. That is awesome.  I can also tak part in lots of fitness programs and those are also free and cost the general public or students the cost of tuition to participate.  I am lucky and I know this. ***On a side note I have been asked to join the Wellness Committee already – SO EXCITED! They are also going to help me get certified at a discounted cost! YEAH!

Kids. I have two great kids who can drive me up a wall, but I love them all the same. They will keep me same and take away my sanity all at the same time over the next 6-9 months.  I hope that they can deal with me is more like it! I thank God most everyday for them.

Friends home and here. Even though I don’t keep in touch with some as I like, I do keep in touch with some really great people who I would do anything for (especially if they sent me Powerberries).  I have also met some really great people up here that have turned out to be pretty awesome and in the same situation I will be in.  It is always nice to have those who know you and those who you know due to a similar situation. You can all lean on each other for most anything at that point.

On some smaller scales – there are a few things I am thankful for but are not as high of a priority – you know what I mean?

Libraries. Yup – I will be doing some major reading coming up.  I am also going to take a stab at teaching Abby some words so she can maybe do some sight-reading in those beginner books.  So since the libraries are free I am thankful for that so the books are endless and for the reading programs they offer with prizes! Anyone have any good reads for me?

Pintrest. Yes I know I swore I wouldn’t join -but they have SO MANY great ideas that me and the kids will be able to try to do. I think that will help us all keep our sanity! If you see any really good ones – please tell me!!!

These are just a few but what I have been thinkging of. So what are you thankful for today??


One Response to “Thankful Thursday #3”

  1. DragonLady February 2, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

    Today, I am thankful for roosters and the big chickens in front of Jery’s Pawn. LOL!!!!

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