Managing Monday #4

6 Feb

So….at work if we use the fitness facility, or take a fitness class offered on campus at least 3 times a week – we can earn a paid hour off of work the very next week. No hoarding the hours – you HAVE to use it the next week. I think that is a good thing personally. I like to see the benefit quick, what can I say?

I have been doing this and finally the weather allowed for me to get in all three workouts as it was ABOVE ZERO.  It was nice 🙂

I am thinking about going into work 1 hour later ever Monday (as long as 3 workouts are done the previous week) to help my kids cope with the awful Monday syndrome when it is a really bad Monday. I know I should just make them get used to getting up, but I personally would like the extra hour to make Monday more manageable some days. I can still make them get up, but maybe a warm breakfast or just cuddle time on the couch to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together.  I just really think that my whole family can benefit from it.

Now – this doesn’t mean I can’t change what I do with this hour. Like maybe I want to take a 2 hour lunch and go do something – I can do that.  It is my hour.

The week of Valentines I will be using my hour on Valentine’s Day so that I can make my kids heart-shaped pancakes and feed them strawberries. I will fill their tummies with love 🙂


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