Sharing Saturday #5

18 Feb

Not much to share today except for a list of thoughts I have kept all week – just for you!

1. The Bud Shootout is today – I am so excited!

2. I found out Dale Jr has a girlfriend – kind of a bummer – but I hope it turns out good for him. He deserves to find happiness – unlike what happened between Kurt and Eva Bush. Gold digger might I say?

3. So excited that Delana and Kevin Harvick are going to have a baby.  We need another Happy Harvick.  She will not be wearing a fire suit this year, but I think a pregnancy version would be super cute!  Joey Logano will need a new statement to think of in case of another fight.

4. I am also excited to have the Stanhope’s to watch races with! They are good people!

5. I miss nights at Fayetteville with the dirt cars. A single tear just dropped.  Enough race talk 🙂

6. An unforeseen opportunity has presented itself and has progressed to one more step. I am excited to see what this is about. It could mean really good things – please pray for me on Thursday.

7. I am really enjoying my time reading! I am glad I decided to pick up a book and get back into the habit. Any really good reads you want to share? Find me on – I love it!

8. Ryley turns 3 on March 7th. My baby is growing up.  Curious George will be the theme this year.

9. I love the animated movie Curious George.

10. We are being challenged to move 100 miles by April 25th at work.  I have only walked and done organized fitness classes last week.  I have 20 miles. I will be running full-time again next week as my first 5K is coming up. I should hit 100 miles by early March. I love free stuff so why not let it help motivate me!

11. We were challenged to also take 10,000 stair steps by next Thursday. I am all about getting my bonus miles by completing this challenge so I am going to the mall tomorrow and will be taking steps every chance I can!  I will make 10,000 stairs, even if I have to do nothing but walk stairs for 10 minutes a day.

12. I get to babysit a super cute girl named Emma every Saturday. She makes me smile.

13. I need a new hairstyle. Any ideas or color ideas?

14. Daytona 500 is next weekend. Okay, now there has been enough race talk.

15. Our taxes are done thank goodness – too bad the refund is almost gone too and we don’t have it yet.

16. I have not had coffee or soda this week. Or my normal 3:00 butterfingers. Go me.

17. I have been a little cranky this week – I wonder why? Refer to #16.

18. I have given up on crafting. My mojo is not there anymore. I have still yet to find it. I threw some stuff together last month but that was what it was. Thrown together. I don’t like creating that way. I will wait until the mojo comes back so I don’t hate what I create and then hate it in general.

19. I found out this week that chickens (including Roosters) can bring peace. I think I will now look for a chicken and/or rooster charm for my pandora bracelet.

20. Nick has a 4 day weekend.  I do not. I do get Spring Break off though – so take that!


2 Responses to “Sharing Saturday #5”

  1. Michelle Philippi February 20, 2012 at 6:52 am #

    Um…what is this rooster and chicken talk about? Do you have some now….live on a farm? I have often thought how cool it would be to harvest our own eggs every day though. So excited NASCAR is back too!

  2. DragonLady February 20, 2012 at 8:50 am #

    1. …
    2. …
    3. …
    4. yay! 🙂
    5. Awww…It was only a single tear because it is Fayetteville. 😉
    6. Praying!
    7. Mine are up. 🙂
    8. WooHoo RyleyBug! 🙂
    9. Have not seen.
    10. Go Molly! I should have gone running Saturday when it was nice and I felt like it. :-/
    11. Stairs hurt…me…
    12. Yay!
    13. 80’s-era Cher. Or Labyrinth David Bowie. 😀
    14. …
    15. What is left of ours is going towards work on the Neon and new tires for the truck. The rest caught us up on bills and clothes…and some new kitchen items…
    16. YAY!!!!! Great job!!!!!
    17. I have too, but for a different reason…
    18. Wandering around AC Moore Saturday with Jamie just about gave me the bug, but then I thought “like I have enough time for that when I am so far behind on my reading.” :-/
    19. hahahaha! Who knew? I had to give Nora the sanitized (absent any knock knock references) version of the rooster thing yesterday because it has been so prevalent on my Facebook. 😉
    20. I got a 3 day. 🙂

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