Spring Break #2, Half of #5, #13, #15, and #20

13 Mar

So Monday was a great start to my week! I work up and make Nick’s coffee at 5 and then proceeded to go back to bed until 8 🙂

I took the girls to daycare and then started to check off my list!

#2 – I went snowboarding with my friend Jessicca at Hillburg Ski Area on base…I love it! I only fell the last time so I was pretty proud!

Half of #5 – I wanted to clean the whole house but really only got bathrooms, the floors, and the kitchen done…I will try to finish later this week.

#13 – Try some of my DIY pins on Pintrest.  This was fun for me!  You can go to my boards to get the recipes – but they are very earth friendly and easy and work!!! I made a toy cleaner, tub cleaner (best I have ever used), and floor cleaner!

#15 – Have lunch with Nick – We visited Firetap Brew House – Besides having really slow service and they were not packed and were good!

#20 – Eat lunch with a friend – I actually got to do it with two friends (the Stanhope’s rock) and my best friend Nick….nothing better!

I am looking forward to tomorrow as today made me feel really great! SO MUCH SUN AND FUN!


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