Managing Monday #7

19 Mar

Makin’ it easy, that is what I try to do for my husband when it comes to dinner.  Nick is in charge of dinner since I get home later than him now.  I want to get to the gym 2 times a week, so having dinner taken care of it an easy bargaining tool.  On the weekends I check Pintrest, cookbooks, and memorized recipes for ideas.  I also try to keep dinner interesting and yummy. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.  There are also times I just throw stuff together and hope it works! This past weekend I put in some chicken, corn, taco seasoning, tomato sauce, chicken broth, carrot, and rotel in the crock pot and had a random version of tortilla soup! I also now have lunch a couple of days this week!

I think I have touched on it before and I can’t tell you how easy our weeks are due to meal prep on the weekends.  This week we will be having pasta carbonara, cheesy chicken pasta, mini meat loafs, orange-glaze pork, and garlic chicken.  Sounds yummy, right?

I also like to prep for the week another way. I put together outfits for the week and include a couple extra so that I can change my mind as well!  I usually do this because in the morning I am rushing around trying to get the girls to get moving.  I like to get dressed as the kids are putting on their boots and coats so that I don’t get any mess on me due to brushing my teeth or the kids 🙂 In this new townhouse my bedroom is on the bottom floor so I can get dressed and slide into the garage and leave.  One less thing I have to worry about and spend time on is great!

As a point of sanity I have decided to grab my coffee or morning green tea (trying to lean more towards the green tea) and a book. I can usually get my news in the first 30 minutes and then I have about 30 minutes to read.  I am excited about this as I am always looking for a way to squeeze in some more reading.  This should help me gain back some of what this awful place has taken from me.

Some easy ways to gain sanity and time for me.


One Response to “Managing Monday #7”

  1. DragonLady March 19, 2012 at 8:43 am #

    I miss pasta. *sigh*

    I didn’t get as much reading done during my recovery as I wanted, but I did get 2 full books read after finishing the 5 in one.

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