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Starbucks…What Can I Say?

30 Apr

When I had no kids I swore I would never drink Starbucks as it was too much and for snobs. I opted for Caribou Coffee because it was cheaper and it has a really friendly staff. Slowly all my girls left for other places or moved because of a husband’s job.  I finally switched to Starbucks because it was in a more convenient location for getting in and out of.  Even after kids I pinched pennies elsewhere and made my daily trip to Starbucks. The people knew who I was, what my drink was, and my total based on the sound of my truck.  What can I say – an F350 Dually with stacks makes a statement for a mom 🙂

I then left John Deere and worked closer to home and the only time I got Starbucks from then on was when we went out-of-town for anything. I always found an excuse to make Nick stop on the way home from the racetrack and everything. He loves me though so he did it!

Enter Alaska. Three separate occasions I got the same girl who was increasingly rude to the point of pissed-off’d-ness (actual word peeps) that I complained to Starbucks corporate.  I have seemed to notice her not at the drive thru window much and I am throughly enjoying my free beverage coupons.  Especially since I didn’t ask for them to be mailed to me.

In my recent appointment to FitFluential Ambassador (can you tell I am so excited??) I decided that I should really make the change I keep talking about. Using Starbucks as merely a motivation tool – or reward.  My goal is to not only run more, but to hit the programs offered at school at least 3 days a week. Why? Because I get time off work for doing so and at the end of the insurance year I get the premium back (which I don’t pay since I am on military insurance – Bonus for me).  Also if I can do this not only will I get the time off work – I will reward myself with a coffee!!!  My mom sends me Starbucks gift cards every so often and this will me make them last!

What do you do to keep motivated? What is your reward?


Ah, Monday!

30 Apr

Monday – I used to look at you as a day filled with doom and hate. Not anymore. I refuse.  I will not allow myself to start the week off negatively.  Not anymore. I wouldn’t allow my friend Martha to have ill thoughts on her day race. You can say she kind of carried it withher. She did in fact rock it with a great time. If I can do it for her – I can do it for Monday.

Mondays are shortly going to be the home of my new run club here on APU Campus.  It will be either at noon or 4 (so people canjust go home after). This is to be determined.  Either way I believe that I can motivate those who want to walk or run to get out and get moving.  We will use the trails the campus has and they have varying lengths and difficulties. Something for everyone you can say.  This will help our APU Community to get moving towards wellness – and will help me model another style of club for the community!

I was originally going to break my morning dullness with some exercise – but it didn’t happen due to running some friends to the airport last night.  No worries – there is tomorrow and next Monday to try again!  I do however, want to leave you with some great blog posts I found this morning!  Good stuff…

CultFit – Great Ideas on how to slowly change some eating habits!

Becoming Cliche – Awwww…..this post is so sweet 🙂

I Train, Therefore I Eat – I think I might try a post like this!

Run Eat Repeat – I actually just volunteered for the organization in her post this morning and am so excited about the opportunity! It is a super great way to help out young girls!

DargonLady’s World – Be Real – we could all get something from this post!

I hope you find Monday to be more motivational than mundane….maybe not this particular one – but many in your future! 🙂

One of The Best Weeks Ever

30 Apr

#1 – I got my run club approved at work! Got all my ideas written down – now to get it all going!

#2 – Got selected as a finalist for ANOTHER Ladies Home Journal upcoming issue.

#3 – I won a new pair of running shoes!!!!! I said I would use them to run my first 10K – guess I have to put my feet where my mouth is!

#4 – Got selected as a FitFluential Ambassador!!!!!

#5 – Got to go the Military Ducks Unlimited Banquet – Date night with my hubby!

#6 – Met a new friend – always a plus!

#7 – The kids did better than I expected at daycare this week.

#8 – I think we might have a church to call home – going to give it a couple more times to be sure.

#9 – Half Way Home Event for the Cav was good – I really enjoyed the time!

#10 – I am officially a college kid again!

Now I did have some rough points in last week, like a paycheck surprise, a couple of moody days, and dealing with being home sick – but all in all I am very happy with this past week and so excited about being a FitFluential Ambassador!!

What’s New Wednesday #8 – Back To School

25 Apr

So yes, it is true – I love punishment.  I am going back to school. I work for a University that has a killer discount for employees – so why not take advantage of it??  I am going to be taking to classes this summer – One on Organizational Behavior and Leadership and the other one is Values and Ethics in the Workplace.  They are both 8 weeks long and one right after the other. I think it will be great. This summer I will also be working on my acceptance letter and collecting my transcripts so I can join the University as a degree seeking student in none other than: Psychology.

I hopefully will be able to use this degree more specifically with working with the military families and maybe some counseling opportunities.  I think that is really something I want to look at.  I do have a degree in business – but I don’t feel I am actually using it specifically.  I have half a master’s degree done, but honestly – that doesn’t even remotely make me excited. This; however, I am actually excited for.  Call me crazy.

What is something you would like to in a sense – “do-over” if you had the chance?

Sharing Saturday #7

21 Apr

This Saturday is turning out so well. Sarcasm friends.  Nick took Abby to go to the gun range – yes you heard that right. My 4-year-old is going with her daddy to the gun range with his new moose shooting gun.  I decided to take my Starbucks gift card and take Ryley to get an apple juice and cake pop. We get there, we order, we sit down. Ryley proceeds to put the ENTIRE CAKE POP IN HER MOUTH.  Once she realizes this in’t a good idea she spits it out and insists she should have another one. Um. No. Once I tell her this – she starts to cry. So much for a little bit of a rest. The whole way home I hear about how she wants Daddy. This happened last time when each of us took a kid but I had Abby. What am I doing wrong? Oh, that is right…being a responsible loving parent and not giving in.

We go home and she poops out on the couch and it still there and it has been almost 2 hours. I am not waking that child.  She obviously needs some quiet time and I am happy to oblige.  So as I sit here in silence I am starting to realize some things. Not all happiness and so of course I am kind of in a down mood. Writing to you people makes me feel better as I am in a sense “talking” it out.

I miss my friends. I can’t just randomly pick up with Petra and go to Wal-Mart to sit in rocking chairs and people watch.

I miss warm weather. Consistent warm weather at that. I want to be able to wear a tank top outside without 3 layers on top of it to stay warm.

I miss my flip-flops.

I want a running partner. Does anyone want to be my virtual accountability partner?

I am jealous of all my Brick City Running Tribe people who ran in the Outer Banks this weekend, They did awesome and a shout out to Chris Knodel for crossing the finish line first on one of them!

Yup – still trying to find that chance to earn some extra money.

I miss my church family at New Life Praise – the Parks, the Pembletons, the Orums, the Bridges, the Fletchers….literally all of them. They were always so nice and caring. I guess you never realize how much you enjoyed the company of some until they are no longer there.

I have found a friend that I can go to Zumba with at a new location – so I hoping, no – praying, that it is better than the last. Misery loves company as I think she is as much of a fan of this place as me. She also came from Bragg, and worked with my husband in some way, shape, or form.  So in a sense, she is already family in the military world.

I am watching Shake It Up (yes I realize I can change the channel since Ryley is asleep, but it is like Murphy’s Law – the moment I turn it she wakes up) – anyways, white girls can’t dance and I think this show is annoying.

I need to get my hair cut and I think I am just going to do it this week. I have been saying this for months now and I am just going to do it. I would like to color it, not sure if I want more highlights or one color.  I must say  thought I am thankful I can still do this (Sorry Martha!)

I am going back to school. I think I might try Psychology. I can take them at a MAJOR discount ($55 a semester) and I might as well take advantage! I am excited and scared at the same time, and all in a good way.

I am starting back up the “Rule of 3” – will explain in a soon to come post.

I want a pair of boots that come to my knee. Who wants to buy them for me?

I want green grass again.

I miss the race track – badly.

So – that is enough for now. Time to get ready for my girl Emma Lynn to come over so her mom can run errands. She makes me smile. I need to smile 🙂

Tasty Tuesday #7 – Grace by the Cup

17 Apr

I start each morning with coffee. Some people will tell you it is bad and some will tell you the health benefits. I can tell you that coffee is one thing I will NOT give up.  I just won’t.  I have stopped adding whipping cream to it all the time (I had it on Easter and it was good!). I can tell you I brew it more than I buy it now as Abby will be going to summer camp that costs more than normal daycare. I can tell you that I have a couple of gift cards I am hoarding that I am going to use as a reward system.  $40 better last me a while. I am going to motivate me to run at least three days a week at work so that I can earn an hour off the next week, and to go towards the 100 mile clubs we host.  I think that is good motivation!

Also I have been reading the book Grace by the Cup by Louise Bergmann DuMont.  It is “a break from the daily grin” according to Louise and I agree. It is quick page-page and a half devotion-like stories about slowing down, friends, daily events, and God’s grace in it all.

This has been very helpful for me as mornings are very hectic at our house and having this 5 minute escape helps me not to yell at Abby for her academy award performance over not having the right socks.

My coffee is a piece of sanity for me as well. I can make it as strong as I like it, or lighter, or even just more fru-fru like my dear friend Lisa Sloane would approve of (this means whip cream from a can is involved).  Oh how I miss my Monday accountability meetings with her. She was great!

What kind of coffees do you like? How do you like yours? Or Tea? Do you drink tea?  What is your favorite cup to drink???

Managing Monday #9 – Punctuality

16 Apr

Punctuality is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfill an obligation before or at a previously designated time. “Punctual” is often used synonymously with “on time.” (source Wikipedia)

Being on time is important and shows a lot about people – according to my husband. I can honestly say going anywhere with him we are at least 10 minutes early. I think it is because he is part military and the other part is just his attitude – both good things.  He doesn’t want ever want to be that person who is always late or the one who people have to wait on.

My mom and brother always like to show up to events about 5 minutes before it starts. During the summers we used to who horses a lot. I had a horse that needed to be warmed up and eased into and vent. Showing up when the event started didn’t help, as we still had to unload, sign up, and check out the arena.  I like to show up – walk around, look at the arena, sign up, talk to people, and then saddle and warm up. This is about an hour-long process for me.  My mom made me have anxiety growing up. My brother liked to roll in and show how awesomely fast he could do things – sorry Sid – so not cool.

Interviewing for jobs I think some people thought I was crazy, and some people were happy that I was about 15 minutes early. I always wanted the people interviewing me to realize that I was very appreciative that they were giving me a chance to speak with them. I never wanted to be late and I also hated it when working for a staffing company they would tell me to show up early. I politely told them to stop telling me that as I found it insulting to my character as I was always early. We finally came to an understanding and I want to say I found my current job on my own and without them.

I have plenty of friends who are late people – I have just learned to tell them things start about 10 minutes early then they really do – I love you guys, but I have learned to not let you make me late. 😉

So here are some simple steps to becoming punctual:

Acknowledge that you are a person who is having a hard time being punctual. Isn’t this kind of like an addiction – admitting you have a problem is the first step 🙂

Be conscious of the time. Maybe even set your clocks 5 minutes faster.

Wake up when you are supposed to wake up – go to bed when you should go to bed.

Commit yourself to being 15 minutes early to everything.

Keep your schedule organized and prepare for everything ahead of time.

Try to not accept last-minute invites or tasks that may get in your way of being on time to the next event.

Plan for traffic and enjoy the ease of travel if there is none.

What are your tips for being on time?


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