Thankful Thursday #7

5 Apr

Today I am thankful for Google Chat.

Yes it is simple – but it is true. I get to have a “Good Morning Molly!” almost everyday from my friend Martha who is already on the downhill climb of her day when I am just starting mine.

She gets to send me awful YouTube clips about unicorns and nights that lights went out in Georgia or somewhere else down south 😉

We get to converse about things that are going on, things we need prayer for, or things that we just feel like telling a friend because only we will get it – Petra and Karyn, who are not Google Chat, would totally get it – but again – AHEM – they are not on Google Chat. Yet.

The other day I got to talk to a co-worker of mine from a previous job about the great things he is doing. He was recently on Morning Express with Robin Meade doing a “Salute to the Troops” as part of Soldier’s Angels. Good stuff – check them out and also check out Nick’s company – – they are awesome. You might need to understand the military to really get some of it. Along with his awesome volunteer work with SA – he also sells t-shirts, makes hysterical videos, and also make videos about helping veterans getting a job.  They play hard and work hard.  The best.

I do get to chat with my co-workers about people who have just walked in the door about things they may need to know – they need to fill out form A, they are looking for their scholarship, they are crazy, hand them a mint, they are confused about financial aid – please help! Yes – those are real chats sometimes! We never say anything that is confidential or completely mean, but who doesn’t like a heads up when someone can go from calm to crazy with the mention of the word “loans” – um – me please!

The best thing I have to say is talking to Martha – she makes me smile through some rough mornings.

You got Google Chat??

What is the simple thing you love?



One Response to “Thankful Thursday #7”

  1. DragonLady April 5, 2012 at 4:55 am #

    Molly, you rock & I love you! Karyn has actually sent me a chat in Google once, and I have seen Petra on there and sent her a chat twice. First time I had an urgent question that she answered right away. Second time was yesterday and she got pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows right before I signed out and left leaving her no chance to respond. hahahahahahaha

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