Tasty Tuesday #7 – Grace by the Cup

17 Apr

I start each morning with coffee. Some people will tell you it is bad and some will tell you the health benefits. I can tell you that coffee is one thing I will NOT give up.  I just won’t.  I have stopped adding whipping cream to it all the time (I had it on Easter and it was good!). I can tell you I brew it more than I buy it now as Abby will be going to summer camp that costs more than normal daycare. I can tell you that I have a couple of gift cards I am hoarding that I am going to use as a reward system.  $40 better last me a while. I am going to motivate me to run at least three days a week at work so that I can earn an hour off the next week, and to go towards the 100 mile clubs we host.  I think that is good motivation!

Also I have been reading the book Grace by the Cup by Louise Bergmann DuMont.  It is “a break from the daily grin” according to Louise and I agree. It is quick page-page and a half devotion-like stories about slowing down, friends, daily events, and God’s grace in it all.

This has been very helpful for me as mornings are very hectic at our house and having this 5 minute escape helps me not to yell at Abby for her academy award performance over not having the right socks.

My coffee is a piece of sanity for me as well. I can make it as strong as I like it, or lighter, or even just more fru-fru like my dear friend Lisa Sloane would approve of (this means whip cream from a can is involved).  Oh how I miss my Monday accountability meetings with her. She was great!

What kind of coffees do you like? How do you like yours? Or Tea? Do you drink tea?  What is your favorite cup to drink???


2 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday #7 – Grace by the Cup”

  1. DragonLady April 17, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    I prefer my coffee with flavored cream & sugar (raw cane), but I can drink a mild roast black. I love me some tea. My favorite is Taylor’s of Harragate (sp) Yorkshire Gold, but can only get that through Amazon and pay out the butt for it. But I can get PG Tips at Lowe’s Food & it’s nearly as good. I like Earl Grey, Lady Grey, English Breakfast, & Traditional Afternoon (have only been able to find TA at Harris Teeter). I drink each of the teas with milk & sugar (again, raw cane). One of the Brits we were friends with taught me how to make tea, and said “Proper English tea is served black. But it tastes like s**t.”

  2. petraccarden April 19, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    Coffee isn’t bad. Of course, the dark roast (preferably organic) are healthier. 🙂 Have you tried Tru-Whip? It’s not a health food, by any means, but it is whipped cream made from natural ingredients and it’s yummy. Indulgent, without the chemicals. 🙂
    Tea is my thing – current faves are Mighty Leaf citrus chamomile (hot with raw honey) or Allegro organic pomegranate green tea… I warm it up and steep, adding a bit of honey, then pour it over ice. Yum! 🙂

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