What’s New Wednesday #8 – Back To School

25 Apr

So yes, it is true – I love punishment.  I am going back to school. I work for a University that has a killer discount for employees – so why not take advantage of it??  I am going to be taking to classes this summer – One on Organizational Behavior and Leadership and the other one is Values and Ethics in the Workplace.  They are both 8 weeks long and one right after the other. I think it will be great. This summer I will also be working on my acceptance letter and collecting my transcripts so I can join the University as a degree seeking student in none other than: Psychology.

I hopefully will be able to use this degree more specifically with working with the military families and maybe some counseling opportunities.  I think that is really something I want to look at.  I do have a degree in business – but I don’t feel I am actually using it specifically.  I have half a master’s degree done, but honestly – that doesn’t even remotely make me excited. This; however, I am actually excited for.  Call me crazy.

What is something you would like to in a sense – “do-over” if you had the chance?


4 Responses to “What’s New Wednesday #8 – Back To School”

  1. DragonLady April 25, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

    I totally just cringed over those 2 courses. You know, I had my master’s all planned out where I wouldn’t have to take an ethics course. Would have worked out too if I hadn’t dropped out twice resulting in increased time to finish in which time they changed the courses enough I had to take ethics. Organizational Behavior I took as an undergrad (got a whopping D out of it), and one of my master’s courses was just like it, except I made an A. lol By the time I was done with my master’s, I didn’t want to work in IT anymore. hahaha

    Do-overs. I would have partied less as an undergrad and actually studied. And wouldn’t have started out pre-pharmacy. Shame to start a program and then realize you really don’t like chemistry and hate biology. 😉

  2. Jessye Grebe April 25, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    I wish I would have realized my true passion was fitness a long time ago! I would have gotten a degree in exercise science! You go girl, glad you’re excited!

    • Miss Molly April 25, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

      Whats funny – is I get to do my other passion in the form of a running club starting in May/June!!!

  3. petraccarden April 27, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

    Well, I don’t even remotely have any inkling of a desire to torture myself by going to college at my age! 😉

    I am currently taking an online (video course) photography class that I’m loving. And I can go at my own pace, which completely suits me! 🙂

    Do-overs – hmmm… I’ll have to think on that one. I’m very much a realist and have a hard time thinking in terms of ‘what if’.

    p.s. Andrew’s associates is in Psychology.

    And I think you’d be great as a counselor for military families!!!!! 🙂

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