More Random For Ya

4 May

I am loving all the new blogs that I am finding through FitFluential.  Great stuff! I just hope I can get to them all!

Team in Training is tomorrow – so excited to meet and talk with the local team. I have so many questions and they may all point me towards my goal for the last year of a half marathon at Disney!

My husband just bought an Arctic Cat 4-Wheeler.  He usually doesn’t hold back a whole lot when it comes to doing what he wants – I mean this in a logical way, he doesn’t discard his family to do this by any means.  What I am getting at is that I need to start looking at what I really want and just make it happen.

I am really thinking about getting rid of most everything I own. I am so tired of cleaning around it or washing it. I really can’t stand the mental clutter it all gives me. I think this is more of my OCD talking – but I think it may just win this one.

I am finally going to go visit a gym in town that is looking to help people get certified and provide them work. I just really think that is where I want to be more and more. I think I am just really nervous to change to something that I really like instead of something I just do.

I am tired of just thinking about ideas and half-ass trying them. I really need to just make it happen.

Pilates and Yoga Flow start next week on campus. So excited to get going again. I really need to do this for myself.

I really am tired of wasting time. I need to kind of plan a schedule or make a time goal for my days. I have so much that I want to fit in – I just need to make it all work.

I always joked about making the day longer. I really think Alaska may kind of be an answer for that ironically. All this dang daylight makes me feel like I have more time! I find myself tired, but staying busy until late at night because it is so stinking light out!  I might be able to actually fit all the above mentioned items in!  Martha – this is your answer – don’t stretch yourself thin – just move up here to Alaska with me and you will have more of a day! 🙂

I am contemplating making the move to the iPhone. Only because I could make videos with it , have more exercise apps, and make more notes while I am out and about and thinking about things. My Blackberry rocks, but I think I at least need to get a new one as this one is dying daily.

I love bananas and I got some good ones this last time at the store. They are killer.

I have old sneakers to get rid of – but I don’t think any of them are in bad shape. They are just not preferred for running and again, I am trying ti simplify my life. What should I do?

I am really trying to save some money but it seems like there is always something new that needs paid….grrrr.

I am hungry…where is Nick with my food? I mean seriously – I am huuuungry!

I have been contemplating a move to working in the area of motivation. I know I am good at it – but how does one go about this? I don’t want to be a motivational speaker – I want to be able to motivate people to their goals via Facebook, text, Twitter, phone call, or email….suggestions???

That is all for now…I can’t really think beyond the fact that I am hungry….I mean really – where is he?


2 Responses to “More Random For Ya”

  1. DragonLady May 7, 2012 at 8:51 am #

    I started throwing things away this weekend too.

    HAHAHAHA!!! I had those long days in England (though I am sure not quite as long as Alaska), and I was no more productive. 😉

  2. petraccarden May 9, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    You have so much energy! Give me some? 🙂

    I want to throw things away too. We’ve thrown out a lot over the past year, but still have tons of purging and organizing to do — it’s just a matter of finding the time and energy (at the same time) to do it!

    Did you finally get some food?

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