Sharing Saturday #8

9 Jun

Today I am giving some shout-out love to some Facebook pages I have found and not just like – but love!  I hope that you will check them out and let them know that I sent you!!  Everyone deserves to be recognized for their hard work and these are no exceptions!!!!

Rebekah Borucki: – One of the first status updates she had that caught my eye was about urban farming – chickens in every yard in America – my friend Martha would be so proud.

Tri ‘n Tri Again – My awesome friend Donna from back in the Ohio State ATI days is into Triathlons now and is totally rocking at it.  She just finished her first Texas Ironman and ROCKED IT. She is awesome for all the trials and tribulations she has gone through to get there and I am happy to say that I know her.

Irish Goat Multisport, LLC – This is the company that started the running club I call home in North Carolina. Chris Knodel is amazing for the work he is doing at getting people active and out there. I only wish that I was there to continue to support his ideas!  He puts out great articles to make you think and help you train – check him out!

Brick City Running Tribe – said running team started by Chris Knodel above…his idea was put to the pavement – literally.  He got an entire town going and I can’t wait to come back to my team!

Realistic Fitness – one of my girlfriends went through a rough patch and found herself. She is not a certified group fitness instructor and rocks it out as a boot camp instructor and real estate agent also. She is what I would call a true friend who has been awesome and motivational. I believe in what she does and can’t way to see where she goes in the future. I can’t wait for her to sign up as a FitFluential Ambassador and see her true potential and reach!

Chef Katelyn – Talk about some great recipes, ideas, information – man am I glad I was introduced to her! I love her style and fun way of presenting health information about what we eat and what we do. You will like her delivery – I promise!

Kitten A Go-Go – Oh yeah….here is some fun, entertainment, and real honest fitness approaches. Her ever-present love of unicorns is hysterical. Trust me on this one – you will love her.

I think that these pages are great and I hope you will too…check them out and again, let them know I sent you!


2 Responses to “Sharing Saturday #8”

  1. Jessye June 21, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    I totally just saw this and you made me cry! I miss you. 😦 Chat or Skype this weekend?

    • Miss Molly June 22, 2012 at 8:59 am #

      Yes – Sunday we are free all day! Skype works for me!

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