Thankful Thursday #9

14 Jun

Thankful for my FitFluential family that is so supportive and there to help out at any time to answer a question.

Thankful for the motivation for reaching my goals from friends I know and those I have never met.

Thankful for the power to go on when the weather outside is saying no, because I have to blog about it!

Thankful for the chance to review and show off new brands and ones that I love!

Thankful that I know that no matter what I try today, I will be better at tomorrow.

Thankful for the chance.

Thankful that I believe in myself enough that in a moment of doubt I can tel myself “I CAN DO THIS” and believe it.

Thankful for the people who have been placed in my life.

Thankful for a body that is still ticking after eight and a half years of abuse as a gymnast.

Thankful that I still continue to show that I am strong and I make the rules.




One Response to “Thankful Thursday #9”

  1. DragonLady June 15, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    Awesome! 🙂

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