What’s New Wednesday #10

20 Jun

No time to work out you say …. Shapoopie! (Yes I like The Music Man)

There is always time to fit it in – it is just if you are willing!

  • Watch TV? Commercials are a perfect time to fit it in! Or you could just watch less TV – yeah, I said it!
  • Get up 15-30 minutes earlier. Doesn’t seem like much bunch you get there you will not stop – I promise!
  • Fold laundry at the dryer and do squats of any kind to pick out one piece at a time
  • While you are in the kitchen instead of starting into the fridge out of boredom eating…do leg lifts! Front, side, and behind – your tush will thank you and so will your stomach
  • Calf raises while doing dishes or brushing your teeth
  • Throw in some jumping jacks before you get into the shower
  • Take the stairs
  • Walk the long way and throw in some lunges (who care if people stare!)
  • Have someone you know hold you accountable!
  • Do crunches while waiting on your popcorn to pop!
  • Plank while your kids brush their teeth – should be 2 minutes! You can do it!

These are just some quick ways to get it done and throw it in…as you can see you can literally fit it in anywhere!  I think that you can do it if you think through it!!!



One Response to “What’s New Wednesday #10”

  1. DragonLady June 21, 2012 at 8:57 am #

    I can remember doing squats in the server room waiting on a server load or reboot.

    Jumping jacks before you get into the shower? hmmmm, oh like exercise even crosses my mind in the morning. lol

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