What’s New Wednesday #11 – Me Time!

4 Jul

So one of my goals this month is to find some “Me” time. All week I do things for my kids, my husband (even though he may disagree at times), my work, and then I get left out of the mix. Work is really not horrible as we have some down time right now, but still I do what I am told – ya know?

I decided that for my sanity and so that I don’t feel like I do nothing for myself or get my own time to myself – my lunch time will be my “Me” time. I typically just sit in the office still and play on the computer, but I think I need to get up and get out!

I may just get in my car and drive on over to Great Harvest Bread Co. to take in the smell of the bread while sampling my free slice!

Get up and take a walk through campus.

I may decide to go tanning to maybe get some more vitamin D in my system – Lord knows I need it.

Maybe I will just picnic on my lunch.

Read a book in the lounge.

I just know that I need to remember to take some time to myself. You be saying – but running is time to yourself and so is exercise, but that is not necessarily true.  I have a double jogging stroller that accompanies me and toddlers at my feet when I do Yoga. If I work out at the campus gym – they are right there watching TV in my friend Nathan’s office. I always have my kiddos and I love it – but I also wish for quiet sometimes 🙂


One Response to “What’s New Wednesday #11 – Me Time!”

  1. DragonLady July 5, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    I used to use my lunch time to either read or nap. often the reading would turn into a nap because that is just how I roll. lol

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