5 Things I Don’t Care For

13 Jul

#1 Cold Weather In The Summer. It is July 13th and today I have on jeans and a turtleneck sweater. This is bull donkey.

#2 Cleaning Out My Car. Just ask my husband. He gets annoyed with this. I take the kids everywhere and so some stuff ends up accumulating. I clean it about once every 3 months and I think he would prefer it to be once every 3 days. I am trying to be better at this so I cleaned it out last weekend and have been enjoying the room I have appeared to gain.

#3 Weighing Myself. I find that people always ask how much weight I have lost. When I tell them I don’t know they look at me real puzzled. I was a gymnast for 8.5 years and weight was brought up on many occasions. I  refuse to go back there. I go on how my body feels, how my clothes fit, my mood, my energy level. So many more important things!

#4 Being So Far From My Friends. I have friends literally everywhere. I just hate the fact that all but a couple are everywhere else that I can’t really just hop in a car and drive to. It has made me really miss them.

#5 Bland Health Food. Why can’t some of it taste just as good as the bad stuff?


One Response to “5 Things I Don’t Care For”

  1. DragonLady July 13, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    This is one of those topics that I need to stay away from today. 😉

    But I am with you on #2.

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