KLUTCHClub Awesome Deal News!!!!!

17 Jul

Have you heard of KLUTCHClub? If not – you should definitely check them out and give them a try!

With your choice of subscription you get delivered directly to your door over $50 worth of products and services such as food, workouts, and regiments that fit your lifestyle! The delivery to your door is free! You only pay for the box!

Click here to check out the information about the club: http://mbsy.co/klutchclub/18509

ALSO:  If you purchase a 3 month or 1 year membership and use the code MOLLYSFRIENDS you will receive a free June box with their purchase.

How awesome is this??? Check out July’s Box:


Mighty Leaf – Three packs of Mighty Leaf, delicious handcrafted tea blends from around the world.

Molecule R – A natural emulsifier that allows liquids to transform into foam, making your sauces light, voluminous, and incredibly flavorful.

1st Step Pro-Wellness/ High Performance Fitness – A natural liquid Vitamin B-12 supplement helping to combat chronic fatigue, regulate metabolic pathways, and maintain the central nervous system.

Truvia® Natural Sweetener – Truvia® natural sweetener is the first natural, great-tasting, zero-calorie sweetener born from the leaves of the stevia plant. Try it in coffee and tea, sprinkle it on fruit, yogurt and cereal and add it to anything that needs a little sweetness.

Nia – A movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. Nia has created a customized class for KLUTCHclub members and their guests this month, worth over $50!

Zoye – A healthy vegetable oil low in saturated fat, and rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6.

Mineral Hygenics – This makeup contains four ingredients and is 100% all natural, allowing your skin breathe in hot summer months. Included is a $15 gift certificate with no purchase restrictions!

Goulibeur – Gourmet shortbread cookies made with just four natural ingredients. This 100-year old recipe comes from France and can be the perfect, delicious finish to a summer party.

Cascal – At 60-80 calories per can, Cascal is a great substitute for sugary soda. This natural soft drink is crafted with natural juices and fermented for fuller flavor


All this info can be found on the KLUTCHClub website! Please take a look and sign-up! You will be glad you did!


One Response to “KLUTCHClub Awesome Deal News!!!!!”

  1. loramarie03 July 17, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    Sounds like such a cool idea! I’ll have to check it out!

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