The Weekly Chase #7 – A Little Late Today

20 Aug

I am a little late to the game today and this is why….My oldest child is now in kindegarten.

Man this day was rough…My youngest went to a new class and looked petrified so I didn’t get any pictures becuase I was trying to make her okay – she was the hardest to deal with! Abby on the other hand cried at the very last minute – but daddy made it all okay when he agreed to pick her up with a rose in hand….Well played Abby….well played.

Back to the grind…oh wait – I am on vacation the rest of the day! SCORE!

Now time for:

Last Week:

#1 Marketing Me – still rocking out 🙂

#2 Preparing For School – We did not do as good as I had hoped. *sigh*

#3 Drink More Water – Not as I should…

#4 Keep Nails Painted – This I did even though they looked horrible- I may have to break down and either get fake nails – or get hyponitzed…

#5 Story-Time – well – we had too much fun going on to sit still.

#6 Breakfast – Fail.

#7 Meal Plan – Success!

So it was hit of miss….what can I say? We are human!

This week:

#1 Survive First Week of School – Yeah, this will be interesting I am sure!

#2 Drink More Water – I have to!

#3 Get in cardio and yoga this week!

#4 Keep Nails Painted – I am going with clear this week 🙂

#5 Story Time – I am determined to make thiswork!

#6 Meal Prep – I got everything written down and ingredients to boot – except my dear husband got graham cracker pie crusts instead of regualr pie crusts…yeah – change of plans for that night!

#7 Marketing Me – it is a little lower ont he list as my kids are little higher priority this week! I need to make sure they are successful 🙂

What do you have going on this week?

And September Challenges going on that you want to share? – Email me about them! I will post them next week mollyritterbeck at

I will be hosting a reading challenge in September – Random I know – but there will be 5 prizes! Email me to sign up! mollyritterbeck at


3 Responses to “The Weekly Chase #7 – A Little Late Today”

  1. momrunnerblog August 20, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

    Wow! Kindergarten! What a big day in your world! Love how Daddy convinced her with a rose!

    My goals were kind of hit and miss too, so yes, we are human. We’ll do better this week! Best of luck to you and I’ll see you next week!

  2. Holly (@running_baking) August 20, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    Love #4! That is the only way I know how to keep my nails painted all week, go clear! Hope you have a great week. Don’t sweat last week, hit and miss happens to all of us. I didnt even mention my last week goals and Im not going to worry about it! Have a great 1st week with a Kindergartner! How exciting!!

    • Miss Molly August 21, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

      Thanks Holly – I am just moving forward with kindergarten being my biggest worry!

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