Ugh – Late Start To The Week

28 Aug

So yesterday was the first official bad day of the pregnancy. I was so sick. I really didn’t want to even move, but I hate to be the lady that calls out for a headache – even though I know it is so much mroe than that. I sucked it up and even puked in the bathroom trash can a couple times to survive. I did survive and that is key!

So now that I am up and running and have played catch up at work to get to where I need to be – let me give you my weekly chase a day late!

Last Week:

#1 Survive First Week of School – Yeah, this will be interesting I am sure! Oh, I survived but not without fights of morning wake-up times!

2 Drink More Water – I have to! Yeah – I still need to improve this!

#3 Get in cardio and yoga this week! Um, nope. I need an accountability partner for this I think!

#4 Keep Nails Painted – I am going with clear this week :) Clear they are!


#5 Story Time – I am determined to make thiswork! This was half done – but we do have homework of reading to the kids from the Bible so that will actually help me with 2 goals!

#6 Meal Prep – I got everything written down and ingredients to boot – except my dear husband got graham cracker pie crusts instead of regualr pie crusts…yeah – change of plans for that night! We are rocking and rollung with this one!

#7 Marketing Me – it is a little lower ont he list as my kids are little higher priority this week! I need to make sure they are successful Yeah I am glad I made this one not so high of a priority as I did just okay. I will make this happen though as a couple weeks go by. I need to make some changes to see what will work.

Okay – On to this week!

#1 School Starts For Me! Survive my class and normal duties at home!

#2 Drink More Water!

#3 Keep Nails Painted! I want to be able to paint my nails like Carlyn at Just Keep Sweating 🙂

#4 Reading With My Girls – This should be easier with it being a requirement for Abby’s school

#5 Meal Planning – Keep it going as Nick goes back to work next week and I won’t have him doing it all for me

#6 Marketing Me – Get back into the groove after some time off. I need to find a routine that works!

#7 Find My Groove  – I think that I just need to get to it so that I can get it done!

#8 Take Some Time – Kind of like #7, but this is so that I can really figure some things out!


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