The Weekly Chase #8

3 Sep

Last Week:

#1 School Starts For Me! Survive my class and normal duties at home! – I had help at home still as Nick was still on vacation – this week will be the real test – thanks goodness it is only 3 days!

#2 Drink More Water! Still need to work on this dang it!

#3 Keep Nails Painted! I want to be able to paint my nails like Carlyn at Just Keep Sweating :) I didn’t paint hem once I don’t think 😦

#4 Reading With My Girls – This should be easier with it being a requirement for Abby’s school. I was able to keep this goal for 3 of the 5 days – so that is a healthy start!

#5 Meal Planning – Keep it going as Nick goes back to work next week and I won’t have him doing it all for me. We meal planned and Nick was still on vacation (I can’t believe I forgot this) and it still worked great!

#6 Marketing Me – Get back into the groove after some time off. I need to find a routine that works! Yeah – not much of this went on.

#7 Find My Groove – I think that I just need to get to it so that I can get it done! I still just need to figure things out!

#8 Take Some Time – Kind of like #7, but this is so that I can really figure some things out! I don’t think I got me time…I will have to figure this out.

On to this week!!!

#1 WATER! I need to drink more water – no more excuses!

#2 Build Me – I need to get back to me this week as my schedule gets back to normal!

#3 Story Time – Keep this going and the days that it is not homework, I need to just read!

#4 Plan Me Time – The girls start Awana on Wednesday and Nick will have to take them since I am still in class at that time. I figure that I can treat myself to a drink at the coffee shop and read until they need picked up at 8:30 pm. Nick can have some time to do homework and I can actually relax some!

#5 Get My Exercise On – I have some creative ways in mind to get me going back on track

#6 Read – This one is for me….I need to get my mind active again 🙂


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