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5 Things I Would Like To Start A Group About

11 Aug

#1 – Happiness Project – Seriously one of the best books about becoming happier and finding ways to smile again! You should definitely read it!  I would like to start a group of like-minded people who meet up once a month (virtually, or what not) to think of things they really want to do that month. If it works out great, if not no big deal – maybe in the process they discovered something else they want to try!  Some of the ones from the book were – make time for exercise, sing in the morning, be nice, meet 3 people….  I think we all have things we want to do again or for the first time…why not get some girls together – it would be great encouragement!

#2 – Operation Beautiful – I am loving the concept of this. Caitlyn did awesome when she did this. I have already decided to devote my Sunday blog to her…so why keep going? It isn’t hard – just help people end the dreaded “Fat Talk” in any way you know how.  This group would not have any requirements except that you participate. How fun is that? We would just talk about ideas of what we are doing maybe via a Facebook group or something. But no mar commitment and sending the pictures of the end result to Caitlyn to post on her blog.

#3 – Round Robin Book Club – 6 or 12 people are needed – everyone starts out with a new book to read – then each month it gets passed on to the next person. Fun, right? I know!

#4 – Accountability Group – People who need to get more on track with their reading of the Word and maybe a Bible Study in there. I had talked about this on Monday in my Weekly Chase post – but I am serious…I think this is a great thing and I am glad I have three people who are wanting to join in! No judgement – just encouragement!

#5 – Scentsy Month Club – yes I am a dork….but this is something I love. I love Scentsy! I am a person who is signed up to sell it, but I just don’t do it like that. I buy for gifts and myself. Yeah I am selfish! Every once in a while I get in to a sale – but not often.  SO – what I am curious of – does anyone what to join a club? Each month you would purchase a minimum of product…then once a month you would be “hostess” and can get the hostess benefits! So say you get 5 people – the club would run 5 months and you would have to spend $30 each month. 6 people is 6 months and $25 dollars. Best way to stock up on scents and then buy a warmer with your benefits! I am also thinking of giving the profit to charity….what do you think? see what you think!

Sooooo – if you are interested – or have more ideas – let me know!

5 Things I Want To Change

4 Aug

Another awesome list like thing I call 5 Things where I list 5 things about a certain topic! I would love for you to link up at well by blogging your 5 things and then commenting with your link!

This week I am doing 5 Things I Want To Change – and trust me – it was not easy to narrow down to just 5. Sometimes I am an over achiever and can’t just take it slow, then I overwhelm myself….I am working on it – I promise!

#1 – What I do to get a paycheck.  @KellyOlexa and @YourInnerSkinny have taken the leap and left their jobs for what they love. They are making their dreams work for them. I want to join them. My goal is to narrow down exactly what it is that I want to do and make it happen by the beginning of 2013 so that by next summer I can make it happen. I figure this should not be a hasty decision, that is why I am giving myself time.

#2 – How I keep in touch with people. I don’t feel like I do a good enough job anymore. We are all busy people – I get that. I just never want to say – I will call them tomorrow and God forbid something happen today. Whether I start making Skype and FaceTime dates, phone call appointments, keep cards with me at all times to write letters, send photo cards – whatever – I just need to get it going.

#3 – My need to spend money. I like to shop. I do and it is for no real reason! I just know that if I want to be able to make my #1 happen – I need to stop this and focus my energies to working hard and not spending hard. I would really like to have some savings started!

#4 – My social media reach. Sounds kind of self-centered. I know. I just want to really show that I can be influential in the things that I am passionate about. I have already started to do some things differently this month and I want to just be able to keep it going and tweak it as necessary.

#5 – How we eat in our house. We have to re-think food. We used to eat so much better in North Carolina. Fresh fruit and veggies, and affordable priced items were everywhere. Up here it is so expensive and it has hindered our ability to focus our healthy eating habits. I want to make sure that we cut in other places (#3) so that we can make this a priority. Getting everyone else on board will be a little hard – but I think I can do it!

What are 5 things you want to change?

5 Things I Don’t Care For

13 Jul

#1 Cold Weather In The Summer. It is July 13th and today I have on jeans and a turtleneck sweater. This is bull donkey.

#2 Cleaning Out My Car. Just ask my husband. He gets annoyed with this. I take the kids everywhere and so some stuff ends up accumulating. I clean it about once every 3 months and I think he would prefer it to be once every 3 days. I am trying to be better at this so I cleaned it out last weekend and have been enjoying the room I have appeared to gain.

#3 Weighing Myself. I find that people always ask how much weight I have lost. When I tell them I don’t know they look at me real puzzled. I was a gymnast for 8.5 years and weight was brought up on many occasions. I  refuse to go back there. I go on how my body feels, how my clothes fit, my mood, my energy level. So many more important things!

#4 Being So Far From My Friends. I have friends literally everywhere. I just hate the fact that all but a couple are everywhere else that I can’t really just hop in a car and drive to. It has made me really miss them.

#5 Bland Health Food. Why can’t some of it taste just as good as the bad stuff?

5 Things…I Must Have

6 Jul

Every Day (or close to it) I must have the following 5 Things:

Coffee. One cup each morning – no more than 2

Protein Shakes – GNC has the best of Egg and Whey!

My iPhone – yes I am addicted. I like to play Phase 10 and Uno on it 🙂

Hugs from my girls. This is an absolute must.

Sweat of some sort 🙂

What are your must haves?

5 Things….#1

23 Jun

So I am going to start a new segment on my blog called 5 Things. It is going to topple anything and everything. It can be 5 things I am loving, hating, using, reading – whatever!!!  Have an idea for me? Give it to me….I will use it! I have asked a friend to make a cute button for me to use so that fun will be yet to come!

This week I am going to give you 5 Things I am doing currently.

#1 – I started a new class in school about Ethics – I think it is going to be awesome as this is something that is used every single day!

#2 – Protein Powders – I was selected by GNC to try out 5 (yes 5!) protein powders….the taste test is almost done and then next week I put them into an actual routine to see how well they work for me! You can check out my first post HERE

#3 – Anxiety – I am dealing with it. It has become more present since we moved up here to Alaska, but recently it has gotten 10 times worse. I finally went to the doctor on Friday and was happy when instead of just giving me meds and shooing me on my merry way, he took a round of labs to check all my levels and such to see if there wasn’t something actually wrong. I have a follow-up planned for two weeks so we will see what happens then. He also gave me a low dose of Zoloft so that I can deal (of course after it takes effect in 7-10 days).  I am just hoping that this will make it so that I can breathe and deal. This one isn’t a fun one, but it is something I have going on. Ha – No Picture for this one 🙂

#4 – Marathon Weight Loss Challenge – Oh yeah, that is right. Over at we are having a competition!  You can see the actually details HERE but essentially, there is power in numbers and I need motivation and accountability just like the next person – so why not? I think Jess is flat-out awesome #1, and she is a fellow Tough Chick like me. Take a look at her blog – you will love her too.

#5 – I am making things happen – I have really decided that fitness is a priority and have been lucky enough to join up with a couple different groups that are motivating and inspiring. I love that I have this, but am really needing to step up my game to take it to the next level.  Watch out for me…I am going to be one to watch 🙂

So tell me – what are 5 things you are doing right now? What are some topics you want to see me cover in 5 Things?

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