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Fitness Friday #9

17 Aug

Pregnancy….got to love it! I know for me that I will need to take it easy at first. I am usually pretty sick and I don’t want to push my luck in the beginning. I do know however that there are certain things that I will be doing for this pregnancy and during it so that my hips, that are already bad, will stay loose and I will not be out of breath walking at month 7!

Luckily my campus has on-sight *free* fitness classes that I can take advantage of and it will fit perfectly into my budget! The public is welcome – they have a minimal fee of $5 per class – which I say isn’t bad!

#1 Beach Body has a yoga DVD that is for pregnancy – I will be ordering it and I will be giving more information on it as we go!

 #2 Zumba – the instructor just had her 4th baby and will be very familiar with what I should and should not be doing! that is two nights a week but I will most likely only do one.

#3  Beginner Fitness class on Wednesday is on my lunch hour (SCORE!) and I can stay in a light weight environment as this class is for people who are beginners and that way I won’t feel much competition to do more than I should!

#4 Water Aerobics – this is offered a couple of times a week and as the months go on I will be sure to take advantage of this!

#5 WALK – I will make sure I walk everywhere and not find the closest parking humanly possible.

#6 Stay hydrated – this way I don’t feel any bad side effects from the exercise!

As time goes on this may change – but my plan is to stay as active as I can!!


Fitness Friday #8

10 Aug

Okay – first let’s get some business taken care of : Mission Possible Giveaway Winner: Jennifer Boudreau – I sent a Facebook Message for your address! CONGRATS!

Okay – so now that we are talking Baby #3 is on the way…my fitness is going to need to be modified as we go! Since I am a new BeachBody Coach I am obviously going to be using their workouts – lots of Turbo Jam up in here!!! I also am going to be using Shakelology – once my doctor okays it – as my pre-natal vitamin. I cannot swallow huge pills and since they are gross in and of itself – I am praying they say okay!

Instead of running I will be reverting the elliptical machine on my lunch hour as I need something to stay moving due to the joint issues I have. I need to keep the joints moving and running just won’t do as I don’t want to be jumping and jostling a while bunch and I can still slow and speed up as my body says it is okay.

I have also signed up for a class called Fitness for Life here at Alaska Pacific University and I cannot wait to take it!  I think it will help me get a better understanding of  some basics and some obvious new nutrition info that I could use. I am taking this as a first step towards my personal training and more in-depth coaching with Team Beach Body.

Lots of fun and exciting things coming in my future and I cannot wait to take charge of it all! I will prevail!

iBodyFit Giveaway!!!!!!

8 Jun


You need to check this out! Free Online Workouts – what could be better?

I am always trying to stay varied in my workout and hate getting bored by the end of week 1 with the same ‘ol thing! Here is a website that totally helps my inability to focus.  I am a beginner at yoga and they even have multiple videos to help me get more yoga in my life!

Fitness and Nutrition has a place on this website as well! Free daily fitness tips and you can even ask a trainer!

One stop shopping folks – what could be better?

You can even win free gear by watching the videos!!!!!!

Is there something you want to try? Check here first – a video is bound to be present.

As they say – if you can get online, you can get in shape!

They also have online personal trainers which I am looking into as we  speak – this may be just what I need! I have also enjoy the Tweets that are sent on Twitter to motivate and get me thinking! They are awesome!

Here is your chance to win this AWESOME visor!

#1 Comment on my blog what part of the website most interest you!

#2 Follow them on Twitter at @iBodyFit and let them know I sent you – @MissMollyDR

#3 Blog about their website and the giveaway and post the link in the comment section below

Giveaway ends on June 20th – don’t forget to check back!!!


Fitness Friday #7

13 Apr

Today is a beautiful Alaska day – it is making me not want to be inside at all! SO for tha reason we are going to do some fun fitness facts for you all! **I have also added in my extra input for the facts provided 🙂

A person breathes 7 quarts of air every minute – sure feels like I am not getting this much when I am at the end of my run – more like 1 quart.

The human nervous system can relay messages to the brain at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour – funny – my nervous system is apparently delayed as I cannot tell the run is hurting me until a day later!

Underwater swimming is the only time you should hold your breathe while exercising – good to know….

If all 600 muscles in your body pulled in one direction, you could lift 25 tons – mine all pull downward it seems 🙂 Hence the name Tank Ass by a college “friend”

Did you know that toning your butt actually makes your stomach look smaller – I have been going about this all the wrong way!

Did you know that it only takes 100 too many calories each day to gain 10 pounds in a year – Whoops

Did you know that it only takes a deficit of 500 calories a day to lose a pound a week – So what you are telling me that my fru-fru coffee I gave up might actually have been hindering me for the last 8 years??? Damn you Carmel Macchiato!

Did you know that you eat more calories each day if you enter your home near the kitchen than if you use the front door – thank goodness our casa here in Alaska walks into the downstairs and the kitchen is upstairs – they do something right up here for once!

Did you know that oatmeal, citrus fruits, and honey can improve fertility, and boost your sex drive – This is really why Petra is telling everyone to eat local honey and fruits – and why she has 6 kids and 1 on the way 😉
Did you know that the combination of adequate sleep and exercise may decrease a woman’s chance of getting cancer – i am going to start making sure my sleep is a priority!
Did you know that your brain is much more active at night than during the day – yes I have kids that prove this all the time.

Did you know that in addition to having more fun, blondes have more hair – I have never seen a blonde gorilla so I am not buying this just yet…

I know, I know – I am slacking on my posting….I will be back at it now that work has slowed down A TON.



Fitness Friday #6

6 Apr

So I have decided that these will be no more “re-starts”.  I will just do what I can and when I can. This will help me overcome the failure feeling I get when I talk about doing something and never do.  I have been researching running and exercise  a little more in-depth these days and as long as I move that is a plus.

I have also found help in friends blogs and those who are “FitFluential” Ambassadors.  I am making a pledge to become one a year from now.  I want to put that as a goal of mine.  You will notice a change in my tweets as well for this!

I will be running my first ever virtual run tomorrow for a blog I follow called “Run with Jess” (check her out on my blogroll to the right). I am going to make the best of what might end up being painful and awful, as I have not run in a while now.  Kind of funny I think….why go for a 5K so fast? That is how I get my butt in gear – make myself mad for not doing as well as I would like to and then I work it girl! 😉

I also am hoping that with this goal I can get one step closer to really seeing if personal training is a route I want to go. I think working towards, researching, and moving towards a goal that is attainable will really help. No more unrealistic goals – just real ones. 

On a side exciting note – I have been selected to come up with 5-10 questions I would ask Bethenny Frankel if I was given the chance.  If they like my questions I will possibly be in a magazine!!!!!!!  I guess we will see what the future holds! (Fingers Crossed is appropriate here)

Fitness Friday #5

30 Mar

Just some motivation for us all on this Friday!

(All images I got be searching google images for running motivation) I am trying to get better about this!!

Fitness Friday #4

24 Feb

“Apparently I get bored easily. I need to find something new to do…any ideas?”

This was how my post originally started. If you read my post from yesterday you will see I received what I was asking for today.

My friend Martha challenged herself when she read my Wednesday post and then asked if anyone wanted to join. I love a good challege, and since my fitness life was becoming dull – I was so happy Martha asked! 

Alaska has proved to be a challenge for me on the fitness level. I hate cold. Just ask Nick. I think he is tired of me being cold. Lying next to a girl in sweatpants, socks, and a hooded sweatshirt CANNOT be attractive.  I have really been struggling. Martha was my answer and I am not sure if she will ever really understand how much it was needed. Thank you Martha.

What have you done to overcome a funk? How do you keep your fitness routine exciting?

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