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Blogtober and Vlogtober Info!

1 Oct

This is on the Vlog from Saturday – please note – that this is something I want to encourage everyone to participate in but if you can’t do them all – just do as much as you can…only you know your schedule.

First and foremost – there will not be prompts for everyday – you have to be able to do these without help. These are to help in blank days that always come and it will also help you to think of new ways to blog and blog!


Beautiful badge made by Lynda – click on her name and thank her for this! Steal this photo!

Challenge – Link up with a blogger. There are so many days out there that people participate in – Playlist Thursday, Wordless Wednesday, Fitness Friday, High 5 Friday, Thirsty Thursday, Weekly Chase, Marvelous In My Monday, etc…. LINK UP FOLKS! You can find new blogs this way and new topics to cover! Do this at least once!

Challenge – Get a guest blogger. Share the love and step out of the rut – this can cover a blank day!! Do this at least once!

Find a suggestion from the Facebook Groups – find a simple topic you love and cover it – maybe someone will learn something new!

Training Exercises

Where do you work out? When do you do it?

Why do you exercise? What is your story?

Why do you do what you do?

What is on your bucket list? Which item do you want most to do and why?

What tech gadget do you want? Do you use? Do you hate?

What is your best friend in your gym? iPod? Trainer?

What is your cooking style? Are you Paula Dean? Do you try and make grandma’s meals healthier?  Are you vegan?

Someone has to say it – what is your platform?

What is your favorite brand of something?

What do you spend your money on?

What do you do with the blog info you read?

How will you change the world?

What frustrates you?

How do you get over bad habits?

How do you handle criticism?

How do you get out of a slump?

By all means – these can also be used as Vlog topics….write down other ideas that get by reading these…you can do it!!


Three Themed Days Only – Be you for the others!

Mondays: Post your weekly goals (check out My posts on The Weekly Chase each Monday as I am in a link up)

They can be about whatever you want – make yourself accountable!

Wednesday: What’s New Wednesday – what is a new move you have learned, a new class, a new shoe, a new product, a new song, ANYTHING NEW!

Friday: FitFluential Friday – show us a new move, bucket list, gadget list, meals – what has helped you to be #fitfluential.

Talk about your bucket list, gadget list, campaigns, dream campaigns.

Talk about your favorite ambassador!

Blogtober and Vlogtober Info Coming At Ya!

29 Sep

Day 17 #VEDA!

17 Aug

So YouTube is not my friend today – so check out my video HERE and don’t be afraid to subscribe as I have a ton of Moose video’s on there!!!

What’s New Wednesday #16

8 Aug

N0t much and here is proof!

KLUTCHClub Review!!!

7 Aug

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Vlog #2 – VEDA

2 Aug

Please don’t forget to scroll down and see about your chance for the Mission Possible Giveaway!

Sunday Fun Day!

8 Jul

GNC Product Review Update Vlog!

5 Jul

How About A Vlog????

17 Jun

New Vlog Folks!

22 May

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