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Um, Hello?

8 Oct

So none of my posts from the weekend posted! You will see a bum rush of posts coming up since I did have them written! I also did not get to vlog on Saturday due to being at a work retreat in the woods and yesterday I got a fun video from church that I couldn’t get to upload all day!  I am hoping you all saw my Sleep Pink post from earlier and there was a vlog to go with it!  This will see some good stuff folks – and don’t forget to enter both giveaways from Friday both on the vlog and blog each!!!!

The Weekly Chase #10

1 Oct

I am making it easy and do-able for my pregnant butt this week. I have energy now and I want to use it wisely!

#1 – Get in the gym 3 days this week. I need to get back on it – NO EXCUSES!

#2 – Get all of this week’s blog posts written

#3 – Hydrate and eat healthy!!

Short, simple, and to the point!

Blogtober and Vlogtober Info Coming At Ya!

29 Sep

Check Me Out – But Not Here :)

3 Aug

I am so honored and blessed to be a guest blogger today over at a blog that is owned by a man they call Pavement Runner.

(Yes – please click on his name to get there)

Thank you for the opportunity as it truly means the world to me!!!

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