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Starbucks…What Can I Say?

30 Apr

When I had no kids I swore I would never drink Starbucks as it was too much and for snobs. I opted for Caribou Coffee because it was cheaper and it has a really friendly staff. Slowly all my girls left for other places or moved because of a husband’s job.  I finally switched to Starbucks because it was in a more convenient location for getting in and out of.  Even after kids I pinched pennies elsewhere and made my daily trip to Starbucks. The people knew who I was, what my drink was, and my total based on the sound of my truck.  What can I say – an F350 Dually with stacks makes a statement for a mom 🙂

I then left John Deere and worked closer to home and the only time I got Starbucks from then on was when we went out-of-town for anything. I always found an excuse to make Nick stop on the way home from the racetrack and everything. He loves me though so he did it!

Enter Alaska. Three separate occasions I got the same girl who was increasingly rude to the point of pissed-off’d-ness (actual word peeps) that I complained to Starbucks corporate.  I have seemed to notice her not at the drive thru window much and I am throughly enjoying my free beverage coupons.  Especially since I didn’t ask for them to be mailed to me.

In my recent appointment to FitFluential Ambassador (can you tell I am so excited??) I decided that I should really make the change I keep talking about. Using Starbucks as merely a motivation tool – or reward.  My goal is to not only run more, but to hit the programs offered at school at least 3 days a week. Why? Because I get time off work for doing so and at the end of the insurance year I get the premium back (which I don’t pay since I am on military insurance – Bonus for me).  Also if I can do this not only will I get the time off work – I will reward myself with a coffee!!!  My mom sends me Starbucks gift cards every so often and this will me make them last!

What do you do to keep motivated? What is your reward?

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