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What’s New Wednesday #22

24 Oct

So yesterday after work I left early to go pick up my kiddos and head back to the gym at work – for ZUMBA!

I made it for Zumba – Score #1

My friend Tonya came and stood in the back with my pregnant self – Score #2

My kids ran and danced and smiled the whole time I got to dance and smile – Score #3

I got an hour of cardio in minus jumping – Score #4

I put this as a What’s New post because I have struggled with finding the motivation to work out since it is freezing here (13 degrees at 10 o’clock this mornig), it is dark even after I get to work at 8:00 am, and I still fight some being tired.

So What’s New? I beat all things that defeated me!

Have you had anything that has defeated you lately? How did you end up overcoming it?


Snowy Saturday

13 Oct

So….it is Saturday and it is snowing…yes – snowing. I still don’t think I am ready for another winter up here since it will actually be a full winter.  Oh, well I guess….I don’t really have much of a choice. So I am kind of reflecting here and am going to share some random thoughts….so get ready.

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr has a concussion and is out for 2 races and has ended his championship run in NASCAR. I am redneck and I love me some racing.
  • I am sad because they are racing in Charlotte today and I can’t go like I used to.
  • Reba has a new show on TV – she cracks me up.
  • I want Mexican food so I sent hubby a text message and he so graciously agreed. I think he just knows he needs to agree when I am very specific with a text message that states “I want cheese enchiladas.”
  • We had dinner with friends last night whom the hubby just got back from Afghanistan. I love it when they come home.
  • I want on post housing and I can’t wait for our lease to be up – the new houses are so nice!
  • Zumba is on schedule for next week and I couldn’t be happier.
  • I have not heard a word about Penn State football since the first game – such a shame that the players get punished in it all.
  • Iowa beat Michigan State? Man they need a new quarterback.
  • I completely enjoyed watching college football with my hubby on the couch this morning
  • My oldest kid is a brat.
  • John Deere has a new faster ATV – part of me still wishes I work there. I miss it and the people and my dealers. I miss them bunches.
  • I love Duck Dynasty – hysterical fun.
  • Willie is dumb and irritating to me though.
  • Quarter Horse Congress is going on in Ohio right now….as a matter of fact it is freestyle reining tonight and my parents are there. I am extremely  jealous.
  • I miss my rodeo days.
  • I miss the days of Tiffany, TJ, and Matt driving us around being the fun adult in charge.
  • I need a new haircut but I don’t trust anyone in this state the scissors. I need Kenneth’s Day Spa to fly a stylist up here. Pronto.
  • My friends at TNT are racing the Nike Women’s Marathon tomorrow – I was supposed to be there until Ritterbeck #3 came around. I wish them nothing but the best of luck. Go Get ’em!
  • I am thinking about posting more recipes – it is the time to start hibernating since I don’t like cold.
  • Notre Dame wins!
  • Let’s Go Yankees!
  • Ryley is playing with an Etch a Sketch – how fun 🙂
  • I hate that Facebook has emoticons.
  • I want to tan so bad right now – but obvious reasons won’t allow it.
  • I have two new books to start and I can’t wait!
  • I have one week off until school starts back up. Yippee!
  • I still want to go see Pitch Perfect – but will probably have to wait until it hits the $3.50 theater.
  • I love Squirt….so yummy – reminds me of summers in Traer, Iowa.
  • I hope South Carolina beats LSU.
  • Phones and text messages work both ways.
  • I am getting hungry – looks like it might be time to eat Mexican soon.
  • Tomorrow I get to check out Kids church – I hope it is fun and I like it enough to participate or know enough to say no.
  • Ryley just choose a PureBar over Gushers – I am one proud momma.
  • Kent St beat Army – wow.
  • Can you tell I love college football?
  • ECU won – yeah!
  • Akron lost – sorry Tressel – you were better a Buckeye, too bad you had knucklehead players.

My Giveaway winners will be announced on Monday – get your comments in!

So now I have a couple questions that I am hoping you all can help me with! Please comment away!

  • Is there a program I can easily use to do a “photo dump” onto a blog post?
  • Do you like recipes that are fast and friendly versus just healthy?
  • Got a Pinterest project you love? Let me know about it and I will try it! I am going to start getting my craft back on!
  • I still am in need of some more topics to cover! Let me have them!

The Weekly Chase – Week #4

30 Jul

So this last week was not so stellar – my mojo up and got gone. I think this weather that is gloomy and rainy really affects me more than I know and I have to figure out a better way to combat this. I mean that sincerely!

#1 – 100 Mile Challenge – um yeah – I have decided to drop this as my running is just not happening in this rainy weather right now and when I do get a nice day we have other this we have to get done. I hate being a quitter – but I quit this one!

#2 – Plank-A-Day – my goal was 3 minutes and I came up a little shy (by 30 seconds) but I am not giving up that easy on this one!

#3 – Facebook C Diet – Yeah my diet sucks if I didn’t already know this – but I am more conscious! I must also say that I have now discovered a love for Chobani and it includes eating it up to 3 times a day – I seriously love this stuff with some granola…heaven!

#4 – Clean out my craft closet – This didn’t happen – plain and simple.

#5 – Team Beach Body – I met with my awesome upline Carin and we seem to have the same style so I am looking forward to building this up!

#6 – Operation Beautiful – I did my first post-it and it was very exciting!

Okay – so really not that fantastic – but I think I just need some different things to go for to clear my head – so here goes nothing~

#1 – Operation Beautiful – I am going to make this one a higher priority – I need to feel good by doing good – since this weather is just plain sucky.

#2 – Plank-A-Day – I WILL get 3 minutes – it will not escape me this week!

#3 – Read the Girls A Bed Time Story Every Night – school is starting for my oldest soon and I just feel it is important. My dad and mom used to read to us and I really think that instilled a love of reading to this day.

#4 – Team Beach Body – Get my goals set this week and get a game plan!

#5 – Research Vitamins – I had asked our dear friend Kelly over at GNC about vitamins and such…I need to help myself some by getting on a routine of vitmains….I need to really research this and get it started. I want to take a look at some other companies as well…

SO there is it…A little different start for my goals to give my mind a rest from being anxious over running. 

Questions – What vitamins/supplements do you take and why?

WANTED: Cute, Sleek, Warm Workout Gear for Alaska!

10 Jul

Wanted – Cute, sleek, warm workout gear to keep this active girl warm yet still cute in the weather of Alaska – can you help direct me to that place?

I am looking for a place with affordable, cute workout gear! I am stuck here in a place where online is my best friend – IF they ship to Alaska. I have found that there is plenty of warm weather outdoor gear – but not all of it is conducive to running and being active!

Typical temperature around here is seeming in the 50-low 60 range (nothing past 61 from what I can tell!) and I have clothes for 80 degree and higher weather. I know that cotton is not what I want – so that is where I will begin!

I want sleek and light weight because obviously I don’t want to be  weighed down!  Nothing bulky, but room for keys, pepper spray, and a phone. I want to be warm and not worry about over heating. Can I have pants that will keep me warm but not make me look obscene in the crotch region? 

Something other than white, black, or gray would be fantastic since those are the three colors most found up here. White goes for fresh snow, gray goes for the 2-3 day old snow, and black for week old snow 🙂

If you can help me find a place that will ship to Alaska, have cute and functional purpose, keep me warm and cute colors – Please let me know!!!

GNC Product Review Update Vlog!

5 Jul

Rainy Day Tuesday…

12 Jun

So today is a rainy, dreary, cold day here in Alaska. Not one that really speaks to me for exercising outside or inside. I think restorative yoga is about as far as I will go as it seems to be that relaxing setting.  I usually take the kids to Barnes & Noble’s Pajamarama that they hold every Tuesday at 7:00 pm.  The kids get to dress up in their PJ’s and get a story read to them and do an activity as well.  I find this to be a great time to get magazines or books that I want to look at and them buy them if they are worth it after.  I find this saves me money and frustration and it gets the kids out doing something fun.  That should work for today 🙂  I think today I will research some nutrition info as I am on the hunt for knowledge about protein powder for an upcoming fun thing!

I have not been running like I should…I realized that this past weekend. I have to step it up so I have joined a few virtual races to keep me motivated. I find these through friends and like to support them and cheer ont heir cause…soemtimes it is more of a personal thing that giving to huge events. I don’t know…I guess that is the small town in me coming through.

I should have my iPhone in a couple of days. I can’t wait to post more pictures than you ever wanted to see. I also looking for great fitness apps – so bring them on people! 

Have you entered the iBodyFit giveaway yet?  You should – go HERE – you will be glad you did!


May – I Am Glad You Are Over….

1 Jun


I drank some soda – but for the most part did really well in avoiding you!

I did great with not letting my dishes sit around – until yesterday and Nick pointed it out for me too…gee thanks hun 😉

I burned on the blogging regularly just due to some personal issues.

I wrote letters – but for some reason I still have them…um, hello? What good is that?

Choose to be happier. It worked for a little while.

My baby turned 5 and went to day-camp for the first time ever. So sad my big girls is growing up.

I tried camping in Alaska….screw that. I not decided that there must be no wind and weather above 60 degrees.

Today it was 58 degrees and I still had on a sweater and a jacket. Hello? How is this okay?

Space A flights out of Alaska were going 45 minutes from my parents house…$1500 to get back us just not affordable. I had a mental breakdown and cried for the first time. I really cried.  Nick just hugged me too and didn’t make fun of me. I love him.

Space A is flying into Pope AFB on June 2nd…..makes me sad again. I need to stop looking. I will never make out of Alaska alive.

I need a better outlet.

CrossFit is looking like more of an option as long as I can find it for free on base 🙂 I may need to work a deal with Nick to watch the kids more for me so I can get out frustrations of this place and become sane again.

My friends Petra, Tiffany, Marci, and Kelly all had babies. I do not get to hold one of them. And they are all baby girls. Not Fair.

I could really use some prayer right now if you can’t tell. I am becoming a bitter person and I don’t like it.

Here is to making some new June goals for myself. Some that will maybe find me some happiness. I need it.

I think my pity party is done for now.

I have some good news about a product review that will be coming your way – from me…This I am excited for!

My girls start their new preschool/daycare on Monday – this I am excited for. The fact that one month costs more than one of my paychecks (and I only get two a month) makes me sick though.

I played decent at our softball game on Wednesday – I was happy 🙂

I need a new hobby – ideas???

Nick is fishing – I can’t wait to eat fresh halibut.

Well May….so long – June – Welcome!


Sharing Saturday #6

3 Mar

Things about Alaska:

Moose will literally walk in front of you while driving.

THe mountain view will take your breath away.

28 degrees feels warm.

Nick has perfected the art of drifting.

I am still learning the art of drifting.

There is a coffee hut on every corner.

I would have never gotten to see Alaska if it wasn’t for the army.

I have met a couple of great friends.

There are in fact stupid people everywhere.

13 more inches and we will have made a record.

I am tired of snow.

Eating out is expensive up here.

I miss fruit.

I am going to in fact run with reindeer on Saturday. Only here folks…

People shovel snow into the road….the middle of the road we all drive down. Thanks for making more fun than it already is folks.

We have a snow bank that is no joke – 8 foot high.

I realized I only owned 2 long-sleeved shirts. Thanks fo JCPenny’s $2 sale I changed that.

The whole Alaska depression thing is real.

I am sure there are more and I am missing them.

Fitness Friday #4

24 Feb

“Apparently I get bored easily. I need to find something new to do…any ideas?”

This was how my post originally started. If you read my post from yesterday you will see I received what I was asking for today.

My friend Martha challenged herself when she read my Wednesday post and then asked if anyone wanted to join. I love a good challege, and since my fitness life was becoming dull – I was so happy Martha asked! 

Alaska has proved to be a challenge for me on the fitness level. I hate cold. Just ask Nick. I think he is tired of me being cold. Lying next to a girl in sweatpants, socks, and a hooded sweatshirt CANNOT be attractive.  I have really been struggling. Martha was my answer and I am not sure if she will ever really understand how much it was needed. Thank you Martha.

What have you done to overcome a funk? How do you keep your fitness routine exciting?


9 Feb

Blah….I am feeling the effects of sun deprivation. I honestly think it is finally affecting me. I am exercising at lunch, I have cut back on coffee and soda and candy (my main source of calories) and I still feel tired and crappy.

I work indoors with no hope of sunlight except my quick walks to whatever exercise class I am taking. It is clearly not enough sun.

I need Vitamin D. I hate taking pills and I have no clue when I could fit tanning. I guess I will have to start taking pills.


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