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The Weekly Chase – Week #4

30 Jul

So this last week was not so stellar – my mojo up and got gone. I think this weather that is gloomy and rainy really affects me more than I know and I have to figure out a better way to combat this. I mean that sincerely!

#1 – 100 Mile Challenge – um yeah – I have decided to drop this as my running is just not happening in this rainy weather right now and when I do get a nice day we have other this we have to get done. I hate being a quitter – but I quit this one!

#2 – Plank-A-Day – my goal was 3 minutes and I came up a little shy (by 30 seconds) but I am not giving up that easy on this one!

#3 – Facebook C Diet – Yeah my diet sucks if I didn’t already know this – but I am more conscious! I must also say that I have now discovered a love for Chobani and it includes eating it up to 3 times a day – I seriously love this stuff with some granola…heaven!

#4 – Clean out my craft closet – This didn’t happen – plain and simple.

#5 – Team Beach Body – I met with my awesome upline Carin and we seem to have the same style so I am looking forward to building this up!

#6 – Operation Beautiful – I did my first post-it and it was very exciting!

Okay – so really not that fantastic – but I think I just need some different things to go for to clear my head – so here goes nothing~

#1 – Operation Beautiful – I am going to make this one a higher priority – I need to feel good by doing good – since this weather is just plain sucky.

#2 – Plank-A-Day – I WILL get 3 minutes – it will not escape me this week!

#3 – Read the Girls A Bed Time Story Every Night – school is starting for my oldest soon and I just feel it is important. My dad and mom used to read to us and I really think that instilled a love of reading to this day.

#4 – Team Beach Body – Get my goals set this week and get a game plan!

#5 – Research Vitamins – I had asked our dear friend Kelly over at GNC about vitamins and such…I need to help myself some by getting on a routine of vitmains….I need to really research this and get it started. I want to take a look at some other companies as well…

SO there is it…A little different start for my goals to give my mind a rest from being anxious over running. 

Questions – What vitamins/supplements do you take and why?

Things Change

15 Jul

It is funny how you have plans to do one thing and something unexpected comes up and it doesn’t go the way you want it to or need it to. Things change so fast and you have to be willing to move and change with it.

I have been going through this all my life so I am no stranger to this. When I was 7 we moved from Traer, Iowa to Skaneateles, New York. I was young so change was something I had no control over so of course, I went with it. In Iowa I was into gymnastics. I loved it like no other. In New York we showed rabbits (mostly because that is what my mom liked) and was involved in cheerleading.

Soon enough we moved to Centerburg, Ohio where I was finally able to get back into gymnastics and horse riding. I LOVED IT. I loved every part of it. I was whole again. I had the hard practices for gymnastics and showing horses. I did this as a team and an individual which I loved. My performance was based on me and I could control it for the most part. I also was part of something greater – a team that allowed me to have people to cheer for to cheer for me to help us collectively win. I love that feeling more than anything in the world.

After a few years and college I moved to Sanford, North Carolina to be with my future husband and job. I struggled a little bit to find my place back in a gym with coaching and such. I didn’t find a real home. I ended up getting married and having two beautiful daughters which brought me back a happy place of gym classes, ballet classes, and finally finding friends again. My husband then got into mud car racing and again we had a team of friends we did this with so it was so much fun for me! I also found running and fitness. This is where I really found myself. I was able to push myself and beat myself and have a team to cheer me on the whole way with Brick City Running Tribe and Studio C Fitness. They were awesome – and they were family.

Another move decided to bring it self around and this one was to Anchorage, Alaska – half way around the world it seemed and was. Here I found myself in a place where I did not want to be. Extreme cold, snow, darkness, and no one. I struggled to find my groove in this place. How does one exercise in this type of climate? Oh yeah – they pay WAY TOO MUCH for a gym membership and do it inside. No thanks – my budget does not allow for that since daycare costs more than half my income each month. When I found a job I also found that they had a gym – bonus! I could use it free of charge! I like it in the fact that I can get my runs and such in on my lunch break and not have to worry about childcare. That is what basically everything hinges on for me. My husband is a soldier which means unpredictable schedule. I plan my life as a single mother would.

I needed something more still. It wasn’t working. I decided to visit the local CrossFit gym on base as it was free to military. I can’t bring my kids so I did it on a Saturday morning that my husband was not golfing. I loved it. The competition factor of it all was great. You push each other and push yourself. I was not as fit as I wanted to be but that is why you go back.  I want to go back.

Sitting here this weekend contemplating my vlog for today I decided that I didn’t want to vlog but I wanted to write about the CrossFit I was watching all weekend and the Twitter updates all weekend from my FitFluential people who got a chance to go and live it. It was awesome. It was like I was watching where I want to be. I loved it. It made me kind of sad in a way though. I know this will take some severe changing on my schedule and such so that I can make this happen. I need to make this happen. If I want to be happy again and in my element of competition and team – I need to just do it. I need to get into it.

Is there anything that you need to accomplish and will take some changes? Why not make yourself happy and do it? Stop waiting on tomorrow and someone else to push you to it. You need to make it for yourself – you deserve it. Don’t wait and get unhappy – take the first step to being you. I am going to do it tomorrow by planning out my week to make sure I can get to the gym and make it happen. I hope you do the same.

What’s New Wednesday #12 – A Day In The Life

11 Jul

5:00 Up – make my hubby his coffee and turn on the news. Check emails and Facebook via my phone on the couch under a nice warm blanket. I don’t move until my husband has left and then some 🙂

6:00 I get up and start moving. I have been doing a little circuit that I got off of Pintrest (you can check my boards if you wanna!) and do that while watching more news (I love Morning Express with Robin Meade). It consists of push-ups, crunches, planks, lunges, and jumping. If this doesn’t do it for me I will Zumba with my Wii. I did just get my first Jillian Michael’s video to sweat up to!

6:30 Shower time, get dressed, and make my bed.

6:45 wake the kiddos and give them some loving while brushing their teeth and hair and fighting over clothes every morning – *sigh* – and then get myself ready and make a protein shake while the kids get their shoes on

7:20 out the door to daycare – drop them off then head to work! I try to get to work by 7:45 so I can get my day started before it actually starts (meaning computer on and things up and running!)

8:00 – 4:30 work…..on my breaks I check Facebook, twitter, and blogs – gotta love it!

***When fall semester starts back up here at the University I will be back to 1 hour lunches and running and utilizing our gym again!!!! WAHOO!

4:30 pick the kids up from daycare then head home to fix dinner!

5:00 continue with dinner, then eat, clean up, and lace up

5:30 outside to get something physical in and/or just play with my kids!

6:30 BATH TIME! I do planks while they are in the bath, yoga poses, start laundry, etc.

7:00 TV

7:30 bed time (or the start of the long process of putting my kiddos to bed) – here is where I clean up the kitchen and get some things in order and sorted

8:00 Kiss the kids goodnight for the last time and go downstairs to YouTube, read blogs, yoga, plan, and relax.

9:00/9:30 bedtime for me!

Is your routine basically the same everyday??? Mine is!!!

5 Things…I Must Have

6 Jul

Every Day (or close to it) I must have the following 5 Things:

Coffee. One cup each morning – no more than 2

Protein Shakes – GNC has the best of Egg and Whey!

My iPhone – yes I am addicted. I like to play Phase 10 and Uno on it 🙂

Hugs from my girls. This is an absolute must.

Sweat of some sort 🙂

What are your must haves?

GNC Product Review Update Vlog!

5 Jul

Some Good – Some Still Pondering…GNC Taste Test #2

29 Jun

So my remaining two taste tests on the protein shakes that were provided to me by GNC (opinions totally my own) were the 100% Egg Protein and the Vega Sport. 

I must say that they Pro-Performance 100% Egg Protein is my absolute favorite!  It was a very light tasting and feeling shake. I think some can be heavy and this one was perfect for the morning or a snack!

Unlike dairy based proteins it is naturally lactose free and much easier to digest!  One serving provides the quality protein found in 4 eggs but with much less fat and cholesterol!  This is a great one and has been added into my weekly routine.

The Vega Sport is my least favorite – and my first introduction to the Vegan lifestyle.  Maybe my taste buds were not ready? It smelled great, but had a taste/texture that did not match the anticipation. I talked with GNC and they have allowed me to pass this on to a friend who is Vegan and I am waiting on her report back. I just felt like I was not able to give a great response on the flavor – but I can tell you some facts!

It is a complete multi-source, alkaline-forming, plant-based protein blend. It is formulated to improve strength and exercise performance, repair and build muscles,a nd reduce recovery time between training.  This comes from the SaviSeed protein which is a rich, plant-based source of the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is a key component in serotonin production which helps with the mental aspect of recovery!!! Totally awesome but just not the taste I want.

I also tried mixing with just water and just milk, but I just can’t do it!

Stay tuned as I have decided on a regimen of the Egg Protein, Whey Protein, and the Caesin. I am going to be testing that out for the next month or so and I will let you know how I feel and what I have found from it!!

GNC Taste Test Thursday

21 Jun

So I have been picked to review 5 different protein powders for GNC! I am so excited as I had just started to research more about them! This week I have been tasting and giving each one more than one test to make sure I am being fair.

I Received Whey Powder, Casein, Egg, Soy, and Vega! Holy Heavens was I a happy girl when this showed up at my door!

So far this week I have tested the Pro-Performance 100% Whey Protein, Pro-Performance Soy Protein 95, and Pro-Performance 100% Casein.

Pro-Performance 100% Whey Protein – fast absorbing and mostly used before or after workouts. Many people use these for breakfast to restore muscles after sleeping. the protein is easy to mix and let me tell you so far this Vanilla flavor is the best! I have mixed it with fruit as I am not a plain type of person and it has been delicious each time!


Pro-Performance Soy Protein 95 – the only complete plant-based protein and includes all the essential amino acids including BCAA – leucine, isoleucine, and valine.  Very important – this is made from certified non-GMO (genetically modified) soybeans that are being produced while being tightly monitored and controlled from planting through processing. So far this has been the only one to really upset my stomach. I was cramping the next morning, but am going to wait until the weekend to try this one again and see if the protein is actually what did it.

Pro-Performance 100% Casein – slow digesting protein derives from milk. This one is taken at night due to the amount of time that is needed for the absorption to take place. The delayed digestion and absorption may be beneficial between meals or in the evening to provide the steady supply of muscle fuel that is crucial to maintaining an anti-catabolic state and significantly decrease protein breakdown.  This one I made and it seemed to be thicker than the rest – I think I need to add more milk? (I mix them all with milk as water makes them all taste gross in my opinion).  We will see – I gave this one to my husband and he liked it a ton.

**This one is perfect for him as he is Army and works out early mornings and doesn’t like to take anything before the workout – so an evening shake works well with his schedule. Also since he is on the go all day log, the slow absorption helps him all day long!

Come back next week as I taste two more – 100% Egg Protein and Vega! I will also start to put them into a routine as I find what works best for me and keep you updated as to how this is helping my training!

I can tell you that after taking these proteins most of the week I am already noticing less soreness!

Do you take protein or any other types of supplements? If so – what and why?

Please don’t forget to visit them on Twitter @GNCLiveWell and let them know that I sent ya!

How About A Vlog????

17 Jun
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