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Thankful Thursday #9

14 Jun

Thankful for my FitFluential family that is so supportive and there to help out at any time to answer a question.

Thankful for the motivation for reaching my goals from friends I know and those I have never met.

Thankful for the power to go on when the weather outside is saying no, because I have to blog about it!

Thankful for the chance to review and show off new brands and ones that I love!

Thankful that I know that no matter what I try today, I will be better at tomorrow.

Thankful for the chance.

Thankful that I believe in myself enough that in a moment of doubt I can tel myself “I CAN DO THIS” and believe it.

Thankful for the people who have been placed in my life.

Thankful for a body that is still ticking after eight and a half years of abuse as a gymnast.

Thankful that I still continue to show that I am strong and I make the rules.




All About A Challenge Huh?

23 Feb

My Dear friend Martha read my post from yesterday (especially the part about reading 10 books in March) and then decided to create her own set of challenges on her blog HERE. She asked if anyone wanted to join her – well who loves a challenge? That is ME!

So here it goes Martha along with some answer to your challenges (duh)!

#1 – I will up my ante to 20 books by Easter.  I have a crap load of books that I wanted to read but never read. So not proud of that, so I have pulled out my list of books I keep with me. I will whittle it down .I will be watching your Goodreads.com progress Martha!

#2 – I will join you in both A and B. I cannot do push ups and I was a competitive gymnast for 8 years and was a very strong person.  What happened??? I think Nick will even get a kick out of this one. He knows how much I suck at them – and even Petra knows how bad I am. I want pictures – and I will take them too!

#3 – I will make a schedule and stick to it. This one has helped me with my post I wrote for tomorrow. I needed something to help me.  You my friend, just helped me. So thanks for making me re-write tomorrow’s post. Thank you for this…really.

Monday: Stationary Bike  ( I like the idea of the bike, just because it is different)

Tuesday: Pilates & Yoga

Wednesday: Run & Yoga

Thursday: Pilates & Yoga

Friday: Run

Saturday & Sunday I will try to take my girls for walks as weather allows. Maybe some Yoga too 🙂

Martha – can’t wait to see how we both end up by Easter!

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