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How About A Vlog????

17 Jun

So. Much. To. Do.

16 Jun

I have an 8-10 page paper to start and finish before Monday night. That is about 3 pages a day. That means I have to start Saturday. Dang.

I have to get my fitness plan for the week set in writing tomorrow. That way I can plan everything else around it.

I am going to attempt my first half marathon this coming weekend. $65 – Lord help me. I may end up walking some – but I will complete it with a smile ūüôā

I have a 5K and a 10K to complete this week. Am I crazy?

I am woman and I make the rules – I will rock this week regardless of anything else.

I got my first products to review РGNC protein powders Рmore of this coming in full force next week.  You just wait as I am totally excited.

My iPhone should be here with Saturday’s mail run. I. Cannot. Wait.

Instagram will be slammed with photos from me tomorrow. Be prepared.

I have requested some blog buttons from a friend (Ahem Martha and Petra you are on my list too) for some fun segments I have running around in my head.

I have read a lot of blog posts about making dreams come true. I will make mine come true. This weekend I will figure out how to start.

Sunday is Father’s Day and Nick and my Dad tie for the best ever. ¬†Nick is soo good to our girls and my Daddy is the best. Period. Blank. Underline. The End.

What are you up to this weekend and coming week?


I Will…

4 May

I Will:

Run a 10K this summer

Get a FitFluential Campaign

Run a Half Marathon


Find my place in this world

Read magazines, books, blogs and get savvy about nutrition

Find my confidence

Learn to motivate myself and not just others

Throw caution to the wind

Stop worrying about the outcome before I even start

Step outside my comfort zone

Be a better me

Be happier

Love my kids more

Sing in the morning

Support something I believe in

I Will

Thankful Thursday #8

3 May

So I have had so many things to be thankful for this last week and a half and I know that it is only going to get better!  I am so thankful for the many opportunities that have been presented to me and that will continue to come my way.

FitFluential has presented some opportunities to me and has encouraged me in so many new ways in just a matter of a couple of days.  Listening to the feedback of these ladies and men, and the constant motivation is unreal.  This is how it should be Рeveryone pushing towards one goal, not trying to prevail on top.  I am thankful for this support system.

Team In Training has also been an organization that I am talking with to get help with my goal of a half marathon this year.  I can help them fundraise and they will help me get there. We are all working towards a common goal of finding a cure and being the best we can be in the present state. I dig that.  I also am hoping to reveal some info after this weekend about what I have decided as my final goal and how you can help me get there! I am thankful for people who continue to give for the betterment of others.

Girls on the Run¬†is an organization that helps young girls find self acceptance and self-love¬†and provides them with the tools to be strong women and encourage them with running.¬† I get to be a “buddy” to one of the girls on a run coming up in a couple of weeks. I love to motivate people and I think this will be even more fun to do it for someone who will eventually grow up to give back as well.¬† We are not just waiting on my background check and the final okay – this shouldn’t take long as my check will be a blank sheet of paper.

Team Tough Chik – here I come! I bought my package and am waiting for May 16th to come and allow me to get the finalization of my membership. So fun! And yes, that is really I have to say about that right now. I am thankful that there are companies like this that help women athletes!

I hope that you will consider looking into these companies and that way you can really see what there is to be thankful for!


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