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5 Things I’m Loving

15 Jun

Oh, Martha….you knowI love a challenge and being called out and such…*sigh* 🙂

So since I was tagged in her 5 Things I am Loving Post that she actually got from Shut Up and Run – Here I Go!

 #1 – Virtual Races – I am just loving the idea of running without the anxiety of the crowds and the tendency to push harder than one should causing burnout.  I do miss the cheering of a sidelong crowd – but I feel so much more comfortable with the timer and myself.  Plus I think this is my way to protest not being able to run with my girls….Stay tuned as I think that I am going to host a virtual race series!!!

#2 – Running Blogs – I think it is so awesome to connect with someone based on a mutual interest. I have been able to find these blogs and share them and gain so much information, friendship, and funnies along the way. I couldn’t tell you how many I read over the course of a week – but I know that it takes a lot of time!! Another fun part is that Martha and I share them a lot so we can chuckle over them together!

#3 – Hours of Sunlight – Up here in Alaska we have so much light right now! I couldn’t tell you how much – I just know when I go to bed it is light and when I wake up it is light. I am not talking the brightness of early morning or late evening. I am talking middle of the day light. I didn’t know how I would do with all of this and at first it made me really tired because I kept forgetting to go to bed! Now it is kind of nice. When I get up – I usually am up and ready to go! Every couple of days I am tired, but all in all – I am feeling so much better!

#4 – Dallas Seavey – the 2012 Iditarod Champion . He was a guest at the Alaska Pacific University Gala and a dog sled ride was auctioned off.  We raised a great bit of money – but the highlight of volunteering was seeing this man dressed super nice with a smile and a great attitude.

I mean really…need I say more??

#5 – The Idea of My New iPhone – I say the idea as it is on its way so I can’t say I actually have it yet. The reason I am so excited is that it will be my first one. I can now use Instagram, I can now use MyFitnessPal, I can do FaceTime, I can now have Google Maps to navigate this place as my GPS in my car apparently doesn’t have the “Alaska package”…I mean really??  I am just excited to be able to use the fun fitness things all the FitFluential people talk about and I can now join in!!!!!

Here are my 5 People I am Tagging!

Jess – Blonde Ponytail

Carlyn – Just Keep Sweating

Michelle – Michelle Philippi

Jess – Run With Jess

Danielle – Kitten A Go-Go

I will also leave you with my new most favorite song to sing to in the car with my girls Happy Friday!

I Love Virtual Races!

7 Jun

So as always – I have found a virtual race and got my friend Martha to join with me! Won’t you join us? I signed up for both!! I hope you will take a look and sign up too!!! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow – Friday is going to offer a Giveaway!

Fitness Friday #4

24 Feb

“Apparently I get bored easily. I need to find something new to do…any ideas?”

This was how my post originally started. If you read my post from yesterday you will see I received what I was asking for today.

My friend Martha challenged herself when she read my Wednesday post and then asked if anyone wanted to join. I love a good challege, and since my fitness life was becoming dull – I was so happy Martha asked! 

Alaska has proved to be a challenge for me on the fitness level. I hate cold. Just ask Nick. I think he is tired of me being cold. Lying next to a girl in sweatpants, socks, and a hooded sweatshirt CANNOT be attractive.  I have really been struggling. Martha was my answer and I am not sure if she will ever really understand how much it was needed. Thank you Martha.

What have you done to overcome a funk? How do you keep your fitness routine exciting?

All About A Challenge Huh?

23 Feb

My Dear friend Martha read my post from yesterday (especially the part about reading 10 books in March) and then decided to create her own set of challenges on her blog HERE. She asked if anyone wanted to join her – well who loves a challenge? That is ME!

So here it goes Martha along with some answer to your challenges (duh)!

#1 – I will up my ante to 20 books by Easter.  I have a crap load of books that I wanted to read but never read. So not proud of that, so I have pulled out my list of books I keep with me. I will whittle it down .I will be watching your Goodreads.com progress Martha!

#2 – I will join you in both A and B. I cannot do push ups and I was a competitive gymnast for 8 years and was a very strong person.  What happened??? I think Nick will even get a kick out of this one. He knows how much I suck at them – and even Petra knows how bad I am. I want pictures – and I will take them too!

#3 – I will make a schedule and stick to it. This one has helped me with my post I wrote for tomorrow. I needed something to help me.  You my friend, just helped me. So thanks for making me re-write tomorrow’s post. Thank you for this…really.

Monday: Stationary Bike  ( I like the idea of the bike, just because it is different)

Tuesday: Pilates & Yoga

Wednesday: Run & Yoga

Thursday: Pilates & Yoga

Friday: Run

Saturday & Sunday I will try to take my girls for walks as weather allows. Maybe some Yoga too 🙂

Martha – can’t wait to see how we both end up by Easter!

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