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Toddler Tuesday – HELP!

6 Nov

So last night I was woken up by my 3 1/2 year old crying becuase she had wet the bed.  I got her calmed down and got her back to bed and it broke my heart. She gets so down on herself when thins happens, but it seems to be happening more and more.  Not just during the night but also in the day.  She will stand there and hold herself until you tell her to just go. What on earth has started this?  I never get angry during the night but I will give her a talk about not waiting until the last minute when it comes to daytime play.

Some can argue that the new baby coming is part of it, but I can remember this happened before we told her.  I try to get her to go to the bathroom before bed – but lets face it, it doesn’t always happen. 

What have you done to help combat this issue if you have had it happen?

 When I did some research they obvious was stated:

  • Discourage him from drinking large amounts of fluids before bed, especially caffeinated sodas. However, don’t be too rigid. If he’s genuinely thirsty, let him have a drink. – Check
  • Have him go to the bathroom right before he goes to bed. – Check
  • Wake him up to use the bathroom before you go to bed. – Check

I need help Moms!

The Weekly Chase #12

5 Nov

I love Monday’s – especially since it is when I get to set up my goals for the world to see and hold myself accountable!

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals:

Read to Abby her Bible every night for school

Practice memory verses with kids every night

Read 1 storybook/chapters from a book each night to the girls

Write Nick a love note

Take kids to play once a week  *This one is already scheduled for Friday as we are going to have game night at a friends’ house and they have kids that our kids love!*

Personal Goals:

Start reading again

Schedule exercise each day

Drink More Water *As of so far today (4:00 Alaska Time) I have not drank any – not starting off so good, huh?)

Homemaking Goals:

Make 1 new recipie this week

1 Load of laundry everyday

***Side note*** I had wanted to do some challenges this week and will be starting them today – but cannot really explain my goals other than to do them!
What you got?

What’s New Wednesday #22

24 Oct

So yesterday after work I left early to go pick up my kiddos and head back to the gym at work – for ZUMBA!

I made it for Zumba – Score #1

My friend Tonya came and stood in the back with my pregnant self – Score #2

My kids ran and danced and smiled the whole time I got to dance and smile – Score #3

I got an hour of cardio in minus jumping – Score #4

I put this as a What’s New post because I have struggled with finding the motivation to work out since it is freezing here (13 degrees at 10 o’clock this mornig), it is dark even after I get to work at 8:00 am, and I still fight some being tired.

So What’s New? I beat all things that defeated me!

Have you had anything that has defeated you lately? How did you end up overcoming it?


What’s New Wednesday #21

17 Oct

Boy it has been a while since one of these!

Let’s See – What’s New….nothing really but why not make it seem like it is new and exciting!

First and foremost – the winner of my Giveaway is: Krista Flores – yes girl – you did it! Send me your address and I will get it to you! So excited!

Picture Source

I am now 13 weeks and 5 days.  My energy has hit another low and I think that it is part depression and part baby. The winter is setting in here with snow flurries about every other day and it is so stinking dark in the mornings now I can’t stand it. I was warned about this happening by the doctor and I can really feel it here lately. My husband says I am such a downer – but when you are used to summer 10 months of the year and you really got 2 days this year – You would be a downer as well. I will be buying this thing they call a “Happy Light” in the near future.

Picture Source

I had my first Parent Teacher Conference yesterday. I am going to admit I was a little scared but I now good to go. My daughter is the exact child I thought she was and I am glad that I know her as well as the person who spends most of the day with her. She is only in Kindergarten, but I take her learning very serious. I also take her self-esteem very serious so I was shocked when I was informed about a couple of mean girls in the class. Abby is not part of it, but seems to occasionally get sucked in – more to protect herself from it.  I had a feeling this was happening, but I was also glad when it seems that her teacher shared with me that my thoughts were valid. Being a parent to a young child is kind of like being a mind reader!

Picture Source

I am going through some major de-cluttering. My husband irritates me because it doesn’t matter how much stuff he has – but if I have stuff it can’t be seen. UGH! I am so irritated by it that I just want the stuff gone! I am obviously going to keep stuff – but I am going to get rid of the stuff that most seems to bug him and them go through what I do have get rid of the stuff I have been thinking about doing something with. I need to do something or get rid of it. Anyone want crafty stuff?

So that is what I got going on along with class that starts next week. I am excited about that actually. It is 2 hours a night that I can get with no interruption at all. It is exciting to me. How sad, right?

I am still entertaining the idea of a gym membership just so that I can get out of the house and have some me time as every time I sit down to Yoga kids get involved and not in a productive manner!





Did You Know?

10 Oct

I have two giveaways going on? I do! One on my blog from last Friday and one on my blog from last Friday! Yes – two different chances to win! You can do it!!!

Nothing much in the land of Alasla except tonight is my last class night – so get ready for the excitement to start!!!!

I have some upcomign guest posts and some pregnant Zumba videos coming your way!

I am curious though – who has some more good read they can recommend my way?

Here is a flashabck for me and I thought I would share – my Ryley bug thinking she was cold in NC – boy were we wrong!

Talk Tuesday

2 Oct

Lets be real today folks.  I have some anger and here is what it is about today:

I really am tired of complainers – make it happen – just do it.

I hate when things get changed but no one knows how to actually make the process of the change work.

I get angry when people will down you but they are doing the exact same thing you are. Do they realize this?

I don’t like people who think they are so much cooler than me – but actually I am just more secure about myself than they are.

I get tired of explaining the same thing to people over and over again. If it didn’t click after the second time – write it down folks.

I hate trying to figure out how to run and someone watches you and tells you what type of shoe to get and it turns out you just spent a ton of money on insoles that work and shoes that do not.

I am not really an angry person – ignorant people make me this way.

I hate that Zumba Certification does not come to Alaska more often.

I am really wishing time would go faster – just the next year and a half anyways….I miss the lower 48 states.

Where are the workout clothes for pregnant chicks? I am waiting!

Okay – that is all for now…what really irritates you today? Let it out because I feel 10 times better already!

The Weekly Chase #9

17 Sep

School starting, Girl Scouts starting, Awana starting, a new routine, a new routine, a new routine….unhappykids and unhappy mother.

SO I am forgetting what I have stated I wanted to do so far or what goals I had created. We are starting over as we have few priorities that I am going to be watching out for this week and from that I will make my goals for next week!

My family – I need to make sure that my girls are getting enough sleep and what I can do to make mornings easier. I am so tired of crying kids every morning.  Maybe we need to get an exercise routine in place for them? Like Yoga for some winding down?

Me – I have been feeling really sore and I need to drink more water – I need to make sure I am taken care of too.

Staying In Touch – I feel I need to do a better job of this. I also feel that it isn’t totally up to me – but I can’t complain if I don’t try. I just feel like I am losing out and I am not sure if I am the only one that cares.

Routine – I have to really figure this out….will work still fit in after #3? How do I make everything work now?

Hopefully some look out on this week will provide some good goals for me next week!

The Weekly Chase #8

3 Sep

Last Week:

#1 School Starts For Me! Survive my class and normal duties at home! – I had help at home still as Nick was still on vacation – this week will be the real test – thanks goodness it is only 3 days!

#2 Drink More Water! Still need to work on this dang it!

#3 Keep Nails Painted! I want to be able to paint my nails like Carlyn at Just Keep Sweating :) I didn’t paint hem once I don’t think 😦

#4 Reading With My Girls – This should be easier with it being a requirement for Abby’s school. I was able to keep this goal for 3 of the 5 days – so that is a healthy start!

#5 Meal Planning – Keep it going as Nick goes back to work next week and I won’t have him doing it all for me. We meal planned and Nick was still on vacation (I can’t believe I forgot this) and it still worked great!

#6 Marketing Me – Get back into the groove after some time off. I need to find a routine that works! Yeah – not much of this went on.

#7 Find My Groove – I think that I just need to get to it so that I can get it done! I still just need to figure things out!

#8 Take Some Time – Kind of like #7, but this is so that I can really figure some things out! I don’t think I got me time…I will have to figure this out.

On to this week!!!

#1 WATER! I need to drink more water – no more excuses!

#2 Build Me – I need to get back to me this week as my schedule gets back to normal!

#3 Story Time – Keep this going and the days that it is not homework, I need to just read!

#4 Plan Me Time – The girls start Awana on Wednesday and Nick will have to take them since I am still in class at that time. I figure that I can treat myself to a drink at the coffee shop and read until they need picked up at 8:30 pm. Nick can have some time to do homework and I can actually relax some!

#5 Get My Exercise On – I have some creative ways in mind to get me going back on track

#6 Read – This one is for me….I need to get my mind active again 🙂

What’s New Wednesday #19

29 Aug

Holy Late Balls!

I am so behind this week – mainly becuase I started school and my kids are in week two and I actually have to get my butt in gear!  I think next week it will be even more of a wake up when Nick goes back to work from being on vacation! AHH!

So what is new you might ask….SCHOOL & MORE!

I am jumping back into school and today I start Intro To Psych and I am so excited! I have been looking into a couple new paths I want to take and am going to take a look at these paths until I either realize it isn’t what I want to do or it is what I want to do! i figure I will never know until I really dive in!

#1 – Yoga is starting to really come back into my mind all the time…

#2 – CrossFit is continually coming into my brain as I am a competitive person and I think being only able to do modified will help me be ready for when the time comes that I can dive right in! Form is everything and I believe that these modifications will allow this!

#3 – Military Youth – I really want to dive into helping youth in the military that are dealing with deployments and moves. I know my family really had to deal with this moving from North Carolina to Alaska.  I want to make sure that these kids have an outlet and a positive one at that. With the psych classes and even fitness I want to show them they can see positive in it all.

#4 – Personal Trainers Certification – Must Get

#5 – Yoga Certification – Think I want to get!

Wow – that is today.

Please don’t forget that there is a giveaway going on still – jsut check it out HERE

Ugh – Late Start To The Week

28 Aug

So yesterday was the first official bad day of the pregnancy. I was so sick. I really didn’t want to even move, but I hate to be the lady that calls out for a headache – even though I know it is so much mroe than that. I sucked it up and even puked in the bathroom trash can a couple times to survive. I did survive and that is key!

So now that I am up and running and have played catch up at work to get to where I need to be – let me give you my weekly chase a day late!

Last Week:

#1 Survive First Week of School – Yeah, this will be interesting I am sure! Oh, I survived but not without fights of morning wake-up times!

2 Drink More Water – I have to! Yeah – I still need to improve this!

#3 Get in cardio and yoga this week! Um, nope. I need an accountability partner for this I think!

#4 Keep Nails Painted – I am going with clear this week :) Clear they are!


#5 Story Time – I am determined to make thiswork! This was half done – but we do have homework of reading to the kids from the Bible so that will actually help me with 2 goals!

#6 Meal Prep – I got everything written down and ingredients to boot – except my dear husband got graham cracker pie crusts instead of regualr pie crusts…yeah – change of plans for that night! We are rocking and rollung with this one!

#7 Marketing Me – it is a little lower ont he list as my kids are little higher priority this week! I need to make sure they are successful Yeah I am glad I made this one not so high of a priority as I did just okay. I will make this happen though as a couple weeks go by. I need to make some changes to see what will work.

Okay – On to this week!

#1 School Starts For Me! Survive my class and normal duties at home!

#2 Drink More Water!

#3 Keep Nails Painted! I want to be able to paint my nails like Carlyn at Just Keep Sweating 🙂

#4 Reading With My Girls – This should be easier with it being a requirement for Abby’s school

#5 Meal Planning – Keep it going as Nick goes back to work next week and I won’t have him doing it all for me

#6 Marketing Me – Get back into the groove after some time off. I need to find a routine that works!

#7 Find My Groove  – I think that I just need to get to it so that I can get it done!

#8 Take Some Time – Kind of like #7, but this is so that I can really figure some things out!

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