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The Weekly Chase #6

13 Aug

You would think since I kinda stunk on keeping my goals in week #4 – I would really kick it into gear for week #5 – Maybe my brain knew it was one of the last week’s of summer and just didn’t want to agree with me?? Oh well – here it goes:

#1 – Plank-A-Day – This one I am not I will be able to do for a little while. I am a little sore in belly for some reason and I am not going to push it since I am pregnant and have once had a stillborn. I really don’t plan on going through that again if I can help it.

#2 – Story Time – So Monday night my kids were in trouble and got no privileges, Tuesday was pajamarama where B&N reads them stories, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I think they were partly in trouble and I feel asleep early. Saturday we had friends over and last night I did get a story in 🙂

#3 – Marketing Me – I am still doing really good on this one and getting things rockin’ and rollin’ for me!

#4 – Mamavation  Bootcamp – First and foremost – I want to thank you all for the help and support you showed me! I was contacted for the interview portion, only to find out that this bootcamp is pretty strenuous – so I declined the interview with them knowing that I fully intended to try out again once I was without child.

#5 – Accountability Partners – I have a couple plans going now!!! Still would LOVE some more!!

#6 – Team Beach Body – Got my order in and can’t wait to keep on going!

Now for week #6 to start and be so much better!!
#1 – Marketing Me – I think this will be a staple on my list as I think the more I make it a priority the more success I will see and have seen!
#2 – Pretend School Has Started – I am going to pretend that school is going so that we can get the girls going with a bath, story, and bedtime routing. Also waking up with breakfast and such…this should be fun in the hopes that the first real week is better!
#3 – Drink More Water – This is a must – I have a very low thirst threshold, but I know I have to drink more since I am providing growth and development to another Ritterbeck. I always laugh when this type of conversation comes up because it just shows how true it is that kids suck the life blood out of you!
#4 – Keep Nails Painted – I bite my nails severely. I like fake nails, but can’t afford to keep them on with another kid on the way and saving for my maternity leave bills and living. I think maybe if I can take pride in some painted nails it might help???
#5 – Story-Time – let’s home we can make some progress on this. I took the kids to the library and I am hoping that will get us excited along with the other two books I bought a week or so ago.
#6 – Breakfast – Getting kids into the routing of eating it, me fixing it, and getting me to eat it too!
#7 Meal Plan – I have to get back into this with school starting up, Awana starting up, possibly Brownies, and my own schooling – AHHH!!!
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