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Winding Down…

17 Mar

So it is Saturday morning…today and tomorrow and then back to the real world.  Ugh. I have really enjoyed my last week of freedom and it make me want to only work part-time, but I love getting paid full-time.  My days to myself were so nice and peaceful. My days with my girls were playful.  Who couldn’t ask for anything more?!

I did not accomplish a few things on my list and I doubt I will before Monday. I am okay with this. I really am.  I had fun making my Pintrest items, I had fun making a fort with the girls yesterday, snowboarding with Jessicca, coffee with Cassandra, lunch with Nick, and the books from the library! I really liked it.

I have decided work will not get to me. I will do my job well and then go home. I will take my lunch outside the office and not worry what one will say behind my back when I leave.  I will enjoy the book or exercise I have planned and be refreshed when I get back to the office.

I will work out three times a week with my friend Jessicca.  If she cannot make it – I will still go. I need to make a promise to myself to get back on track no matter what. Being happy on the inside will lead to happiness on the outside. I need to get back to a happy point everyday and not just every once in a while.

I will make time to have coffee and talk with my friend Cassandra more. I really enjoy her company and I think she and I have some of the same interest with different twists (like witch and sci-fi twists).

I like to sit at home and do nothing every so often.  I think that time away and with myself makes me a better person, a better mom, and a better wife.  I love time away while actually going nowhere.

I think that going forward I will be planning a day here and there that I get to do just nothing.  I need the reset.

Don’t we all need a reset?


Spring Break #6, #11, #18 (Kinda), #19, #22, and #23

16 Mar

So I can tell you that #1 might not happen – no good movies come out until today and there are no noon showings for 21 Jump Street. I will see it though….can’t even wait!

#6 Organize  the spare room – this actually turned out to just be cleaning the desk and tidying the closet. Easy Peasy – why did it take me so long to do??

#11 Watch girlie movies – The Devil Wears Prada. I wish I could have fashion like that and eye makeup like Andrea.

#18 Zumba just isn’t going to happen. SO yesterday I went to the gym with Jessicca and ran – which felt great except I could feel the shin splints coming on in my left leg like always. This morning I have them in both legs. Not fun – but I will walk it out today.  I am going to make a date with Jessicca every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday to run with her. I just can’t get into Zumba up here – The girls from Studio C in Sanford were so awesome – nothing compares.

#19 Find a couple of organic stores. Yeah, found them but didn’t like them. Nothing beats Trader Joe’s which we, of course, do not have. I did purchase some orange juice while I was there (Tastes so much better when organic), pumpkin seeds (love), and dark chocolate covered cherries – Um heaven!

#22 Minimize stuff – I get rid of a trash bag full of stuff and pulled out a bunt of shirts I just don’t wear anymore and am going to see if my friend wants them. She is smaller than I am and will probably fit in them better. When I gain weight my boobs make sure nothing fits. I need to lose some weight, again.

#23 Get a jump-start on Easter gifts – Jessicca and I hit Target after the gym yesterday – oh yeah 🙂 I did

Get Busy on Wednesday of Spring Break!! #4, #7, #11, #14, and #21

15 Mar

So only three things crossed off – but I felt really great about it! I had the girls at home as we had a dentist appointment yesterday. Abby, surprise, didn’t shut put he whole time and was told she was doing great. A little bit of brushing still needed to be learned and yet another strange sighting with her teeth happened – she keeps us on our toes 🙂  Ryley kept on hand over her mouth almost the entire time, but finally let the hygienist and dentist take a couple looks and she got t get her prize. Hands down a great place for kids and mom was happy as the dentist wasn’t horrible to look at. I think he became 10 times hotter just hearing him talk about his two little girls and helping them.  Gotta love a family man – and no family man is hotter than mine still.

#4 – Bake stuff. You can also count this as partly #13 as I used recipes from Pintrest.  You need an invite? Let me send you one – just leave me your email address. You should also hope on over and see my boards – they are all things that can be done!  Here is what was accomplished Wednesday:

Honey Garlic Pork – I used it with Chicken and put it over white rice…yum!

Sopapilla Cheesecake – SO EASY! Nick thought it tasted like the cheese danishes he buys at the shopette.

Single ingredient ice cream – made from bananas – okay this has been finished yet as I put them in the freezer and forgot about them – but I will today since the girls are going to daycare!


I have also decided that as I make these things I will delete them from my boards and actually write them down and add them to my cookbook.  It is stilly to keep them on my “wish boards” as I call them.  Plus I won’t get overwhelmed by all the images 🙂

#7 Make some things – I made cute little picture frame dry erase boards for the girls. They have their chore lists on them and the bathroom routine to make sure they brush their teeth. They can check off the box and we can wipe them clean that night. I love them and can’t wait to show them when I get a dry erase marker.

#11 Watch girlie movies – I had two knocked out yesterday before 10:00 am.  Burlesque and He’s Just Not That Into You.  I love that Julianne Hough was in Burlesque – I love her and am still patiently waiting for Nick to buy me Footloose.  I am also watching the Devil Wears Prada as we speak 🙂 It is not 7 am yet here in Alaska.

#14 Read a book or two. I actually finished two yesterday and plan on finishing a third today. I am loving the time I get to spend with books that looked so awesome I had to get them! So fun – I am also making it a priority to keep reading and use that as my lunch break de-stressor so that I can escape the silliness of the workplace.

#21 Put together a meal/workout plan to ge track on the ball – I have this started – I will need to tweak it some and maybe change things around.  I am excited that I am actually researching to find what will stick 🙂  BTW – can you tell that I am smiley these days?

Spring Break #12 (I Almost Forgot!)

14 Mar

#12 Go through girls toys & organize their closet – DONE!  I am so happy!  I got two bags of clothes to go to Once Upon A Child – then more stuff will come I am sure to clutter it all up again!

Spring Break #3, #5, #9, #11, and #14

14 Mar

This is starting to be something I could get used to. I may have to save vacation and do this again in the fall 🙂

#3 – Sit at a coffee shop and read.  Starbucks has never been so inviting! No kids and two good magazines to search through to find some motivation.  I was in heaven with my carmel cappuccino and girly advice columns.

#5 Clean the house – the upstairs looks great – now to vacuum the master and I will be good 🙂

#9 Get an account at the Anchorage Library – done!

#11 – Watch girlie movies – Evita yesterday, Dumbo with the girls (Actually only part of it as they didn’t like it after Nick called it dumb). Currently It is 6:25 in the morning and I am watching Burlesque.  Nick made the statement yesterday that he is so glad I am doing this without him 🙂

#14 Read a book or two – I am reading a couple of books actually and hope to have a couple finished today!

This was my yesterday – so awesome. Today I am home with the girls as we visit the dentist today and it will be Ryley’s first visit! Some more girlie movies, reading and shopping is on the way!!!

Spring Break #2, Half of #5, #13, #15, and #20

13 Mar

So Monday was a great start to my week! I work up and make Nick’s coffee at 5 and then proceeded to go back to bed until 8 🙂

I took the girls to daycare and then started to check off my list!

#2 – I went snowboarding with my friend Jessicca at Hillburg Ski Area on base…I love it! I only fell the last time so I was pretty proud!

Half of #5 – I wanted to clean the whole house but really only got bathrooms, the floors, and the kitchen done…I will try to finish later this week.

#13 – Try some of my DIY pins on Pintrest.  This was fun for me!  You can go to my boards to get the recipes – but they are very earth friendly and easy and work!!! I made a toy cleaner, tub cleaner (best I have ever used), and floor cleaner!

#15 – Have lunch with Nick – We visited Firetap Brew House – Besides having really slow service and they were not packed and were good!

#20 – Eat lunch with a friend – I actually got to do it with two friends (the Stanhope’s rock) and my best friend Nick….nothing better!

I am looking forward to tomorrow as today made me feel really great! SO MUCH SUN AND FUN!

Spring Break #17 – Eat At Yogurt Lounge

10 Mar

I started Spring Break early by going to Yogurt lounge to kick it off 🙂

Side Note…

5 Mar

So this is my last week of work before spring break. I will be doing some completely Alaska things like snowboarding, looking for moose, and some normal things like cleaning, baking, and reading.

What do you do on your spring break?

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