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Vitacost Cyber Deal!

24 Nov

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Flash Friday

16 Nov

Man this week has gone way to fast for me – Not sure about you! It seems like it was just Monday!

On Tuesday night my husband told me we were actually going to attend his military ball that I was told we would not be going to. It is tonight. I had to borrow shoes, Nick is going to perform surgery on my dress (he is a medic and will be stiching it – HA!), I will be doing my own hair, and I will wear gloves to disquise my out grown nails that need attention.

Wednesday Abby had her Awana Grand Prix – lots of tears over no trophy – but I think she will get over it just fine. Ryley gets to pick a matchbox car and run her Grand Prix next week. Hopefully she will do a little better! (yes my kid is wierd and rocked camo boots, courderoy skinny pants, and a flourescent pink shirt with her red vest, sigh)

Thursday was kind of relaxing and I tried to read a couple books and ended ups tuck on the Laura Bush book I had purchased of $4 at Barnes & Noble. I need to read more books to myself as the Bible is great and the kids books are good – but I want somthing a little different

Today is Friday – Hopefully an opportunity is still available and I will hear good news.

I do have some exciting news starting next week and through the rest of this year and on – I have been picked for two new blogging opportunities on different sites – one starting next week and one starting January.  I have some review opportunities that are FANTASTIC and I can’t wait to share them as well.  You are going to love this stuff I know it!

I cannot wait for you all to share in on the fun and awesomeness I have to share and It all starts next week!!! WAHOO!

What do you have new going on?

Do you have an Etsy shop – please leave the link in the comments below!

The Weekly Chase – My First Week!

9 Jul


So my friend Melissa over at Live, Love, & Run is getting people motivated with The Weekly Chase ever Monday! I love motivation and I love goal setting – most likely because it is like making a list – and I think Melissa rocks!

I did not have any weekly goals from last week to talk about so I am going to jump right into this week!

Goal #1 – Get all my bio’s written for a couple different groups I am in. I have been slacking on this and am missing the boat on some free press! I need to just flat-out do it!

Goal #2 – Purge my closet. Lets face it – all the clothes I don’t wear are to the back, and I get mad that I have too much in my closet. I need to get rid of what I don’t wear or will ever wear and face the facts that I really do only wear about 10 different outfits ever. Oh well.

Goal #3 – Plank A Day challenge. I did not do it at all this weekend, which is sad since I really didn’t accomplish anything this weekend! I am going to get back to it and make a personal record for this. I can do it and I will – a 3 minute plank.

Goal #4 – Figure out what new fitness class I will take and get signed up by Friday!

Goal #5 – Sit down and make the pending opportunity I have a reality. Figure everything out so there are no excuses….more details to come!!

I hope you can make some goals and join us in this fun for the week!



Spring Break #6, #11, #18 (Kinda), #19, #22, and #23

16 Mar

So I can tell you that #1 might not happen – no good movies come out until today and there are no noon showings for 21 Jump Street. I will see it though….can’t even wait!

#6 Organize  the spare room – this actually turned out to just be cleaning the desk and tidying the closet. Easy Peasy – why did it take me so long to do??

#11 Watch girlie movies – The Devil Wears Prada. I wish I could have fashion like that and eye makeup like Andrea.

#18 Zumba just isn’t going to happen. SO yesterday I went to the gym with Jessicca and ran – which felt great except I could feel the shin splints coming on in my left leg like always. This morning I have them in both legs. Not fun – but I will walk it out today.  I am going to make a date with Jessicca every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday to run with her. I just can’t get into Zumba up here – The girls from Studio C in Sanford were so awesome – nothing compares.

#19 Find a couple of organic stores. Yeah, found them but didn’t like them. Nothing beats Trader Joe’s which we, of course, do not have. I did purchase some orange juice while I was there (Tastes so much better when organic), pumpkin seeds (love), and dark chocolate covered cherries – Um heaven!

#22 Minimize stuff – I get rid of a trash bag full of stuff and pulled out a bunt of shirts I just don’t wear anymore and am going to see if my friend wants them. She is smaller than I am and will probably fit in them better. When I gain weight my boobs make sure nothing fits. I need to lose some weight, again.

#23 Get a jump-start on Easter gifts – Jessicca and I hit Target after the gym yesterday – oh yeah 🙂 I did

25 Things I Am Going To Do Over Spring Break

8 Mar

These are things I want to do – silly or not – I want to and I am going to!

#1 – Go to a movie by myself ***No good movies to see***

#2 – Go snowboarding

#3 – Sit at a coffee shop and read

#4 – Bake stuff 🙂

#5 – Clean the house  *** Did, but didn’t finish***

#6 – organize the spare room

#7 – Make some things 🙂

#8 – Go to the Airman’s Attic (kind of like a thrift store on base)

#9 – Get an account at the Anchorage Library

#10 – Get my hair cut

#11 – Watch girlie movies I can’t normally watch with Nick home 🙂

#12 – Go through the girls toys and organize their closet

#13 – Try some of my DIY pins on Pintrest 

#14 – Read a book or two

#15 – Have lunch with Nick

#16 – Have a girls day with my girls

#17 – Eat frozen yogurt at Yogurt Lounge

#18 – Zumba a couple of times ***No Zumba, but I did run!***

#19 – Find a couple organic stores

#20 – Eat lunch with a friend

#21 – Put together a meal/workout plan to get back on the ball ***I think I have this done, so we will see if I need to tweak it or not***

#22 – minimize stuff….

#23 – Try to get a jump-start on Easter gifts

#24 –  Put together some learning activities for the girls (like the binder I found on Pintrest and love)

#25 – Send a picture card to family

Next week I am going to take a break from my normal posts and keep you updated with my progress – I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

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