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7 Aug

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Tasty Tuesday #7 – Grace by the Cup

17 Apr

I start each morning with coffee. Some people will tell you it is bad and some will tell you the health benefits. I can tell you that coffee is one thing I will NOT give up.  I just won’t.  I have stopped adding whipping cream to it all the time (I had it on Easter and it was good!). I can tell you I brew it more than I buy it now as Abby will be going to summer camp that costs more than normal daycare. I can tell you that I have a couple of gift cards I am hoarding that I am going to use as a reward system.  $40 better last me a while. I am going to motivate me to run at least three days a week at work so that I can earn an hour off the next week, and to go towards the 100 mile clubs we host.  I think that is good motivation!

Also I have been reading the book Grace by the Cup by Louise Bergmann DuMont.  It is “a break from the daily grin” according to Louise and I agree. It is quick page-page and a half devotion-like stories about slowing down, friends, daily events, and God’s grace in it all.

This has been very helpful for me as mornings are very hectic at our house and having this 5 minute escape helps me not to yell at Abby for her academy award performance over not having the right socks.

My coffee is a piece of sanity for me as well. I can make it as strong as I like it, or lighter, or even just more fru-fru like my dear friend Lisa Sloane would approve of (this means whip cream from a can is involved).  Oh how I miss my Monday accountability meetings with her. She was great!

What kind of coffees do you like? How do you like yours? Or Tea? Do you drink tea?  What is your favorite cup to drink???

Tasty Tuesday #6

26 Mar

So Pintrest is really a great site for finding food and things that you may one day cook and will one day never cook.  I found a recipe for Parmesan Roasted Green Beans at the Budget Savy Diva HERE

We didn’t have 

green beans in our house – but we did have a huge can of corn! I decided to modify the recipe and use the corn instead!

I got a picture of the before – but not the after as it literally was surrounded by me and my husband as we ate it. All.

The directions on the link (above in pink) are very straight forward! I literally put corn on a cook sheet with olive oil, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. Done and yum. I used a different temp and time as I have a retarded oven. That is right, retarded.

Now – once I have tried a recipe from my Pintrest board – I delete it. I don’t want to be overwhelmed with everything. If it turns out good – I put it in my recipe box – if it wasn’t good, it is deleted forever.  You should try to keep your boards clean too!


Tasty Tuesday #5

28 Feb

Okay. Clean eating sucks and is hard to do.  I am learning for myself that coffee cannot be completely given up as we have a daughter that still doesn’t sleep through the night. Having coffee with sugar and some milk (just a dab) is much better than the full sugar and yummy creamer filled stuff.  Soda has not been hard to give up. I was actually really surprised!

I am also realizing that moderation is what I will be doing. Portion control. Clean eating is my goal.  I will eat more veggies. I will drink more water. I will have a fancy coffee only on Fridays, and maybe one other treat during the week if I can keep all my exercise goals.  I do not have the resources up here to fully enjoy and try clean eating.  I am still researching a juice cleanse as I Have heard those are one of the best and easiest ways to detox.

Yes this is my cop out Petra 🙂  but I am trying to maintain an enjoyable life and healthy life so I am figuring that exercise can offset my bad eating.  I know you aren’t buying it though!

What are your tricks to help you stay on track? What are your go to meals and or snacks?

Tasty Tuesday #4

14 Feb

Just Sayin’

Tasty Tuesday

1 Nov

I like to cook. More like I like the “idea” of cooking. Nick laughs at me as I watch a ton of cooking shows, and read a ton of cooking magazines. Do I ever get around to these recipes? Nope. Maybe once or twice. I am so scared of cooking something and it being bad, that I talk myself out of it from the beginning. I have to stop this. Otherwise I will get nowhere with anything. That is a whole other topic for a different day. Coffee anyone?

Nick and I went with out dear friends the Baker’s and John to a Turkey Shoot. I have always seen signs for these events, but had never actually been to one. I can now say I have. Basically – you pay money to shoot for a prize. This prize just so happens to be anything from meat to money. My dear husband of course goes for the meat and wins. I am talking like 10 pounds of sausage. No Seriously.

The Winning Shot

Me Cooking The Prize

Seriously - Who Eats This Much Sausage??

Since we are a little gun-shy to buying a ton of groceries due to our impending move we are trying to make meals that will last a couple of days and fill our bellies. So what do I do with this much sausage? I made lasagna and breakfast with it!  I use about 2 – 2.5 pounds of meat for lasagna, and we made about 6 patties for breakfast and probably still ended up wasting about 2 pounds of sausage….all for $3. Craziness.


2-2.5 pounds meat of your choice

Lasagna noodles

1 large jar of spaghetti sauce (or 2 medium)

Cottage cheese

mozzarella shredded cheese.

Brown  meat of your choice.  Mix in some Italian seasoning if you wish. Once browned, drain and mix with enough past sauce to be more sauce than meat – unless you like otherwise.

Grab your 9X13 inch pan.

Noodles – meat/sauce mixture – thin, not perfect layer of cottage cheese – shredded cheese – Repeat.

Layer lasagna noodles dry  – I don’t cook them first. The excess sauce from the meat will help cook this and it makes it soo much easier to cook and freeze.

For the cottage cheese I normally dab about five spoonfuls randomly then spread. You don’t want too much or it becomes soupy, but this gives it a moist texture unlike Ricotta cheese, which can become dry when cooked.

Use the meat and shredded cheese to your liking. I like meat and I like cheese – so I usually only get two layers.

Always finish with cheese on top!

350 degrees for about 45 minutes and you are good!  I usually make two and freeze one or give ut away.

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