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Winding Down…

17 Mar

So it is Saturday morning…today and tomorrow and then back to the real world.  Ugh. I have really enjoyed my last week of freedom and it make me want to only work part-time, but I love getting paid full-time.  My days to myself were so nice and peaceful. My days with my girls were playful.  Who couldn’t ask for anything more?!

I did not accomplish a few things on my list and I doubt I will before Monday. I am okay with this. I really am.  I had fun making my Pintrest items, I had fun making a fort with the girls yesterday, snowboarding with Jessicca, coffee with Cassandra, lunch with Nick, and the books from the library! I really liked it.

I have decided work will not get to me. I will do my job well and then go home. I will take my lunch outside the office and not worry what one will say behind my back when I leave.  I will enjoy the book or exercise I have planned and be refreshed when I get back to the office.

I will work out three times a week with my friend Jessicca.  If she cannot make it – I will still go. I need to make a promise to myself to get back on track no matter what. Being happy on the inside will lead to happiness on the outside. I need to get back to a happy point everyday and not just every once in a while.

I will make time to have coffee and talk with my friend Cassandra more. I really enjoy her company and I think she and I have some of the same interest with different twists (like witch and sci-fi twists).

I like to sit at home and do nothing every so often.  I think that time away and with myself makes me a better person, a better mom, and a better wife.  I love time away while actually going nowhere.

I think that going forward I will be planning a day here and there that I get to do just nothing.  I need the reset.

Don’t we all need a reset?


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