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What’s New Wednesday #18

22 Aug


You like? I am having fun creating these things! I hope you will decide to join along and share the fun! What’s New Wednesday is all about the newness of things around you! I love to share things our family is doing and what I am doing and items, etc. As you can tell I have done it a lot with it being #18!

So today for the new part – it is going to be for you to do this as well! I hope you fee free to snag this photo and use it on Wednesdays to share what is going on! I hope that you all will push yourself to find something new each week to try or do! What good is life if you don’t enjoy it?  Hop to it folks! I hope you all will come back and share what is new – or leave a comment with your link so we can check it out!

Fitness Friday #9

17 Aug

Pregnancy….got to love it! I know for me that I will need to take it easy at first. I am usually pretty sick and I don’t want to push my luck in the beginning. I do know however that there are certain things that I will be doing for this pregnancy and during it so that my hips, that are already bad, will stay loose and I will not be out of breath walking at month 7!

Luckily my campus has on-sight *free* fitness classes that I can take advantage of and it will fit perfectly into my budget! The public is welcome – they have a minimal fee of $5 per class – which I say isn’t bad!

#1 Beach Body has a yoga DVD that is for pregnancy – I will be ordering it and I will be giving more information on it as we go!

 #2 Zumba – the instructor just had her 4th baby and will be very familiar with what I should and should not be doing! that is two nights a week but I will most likely only do one.

#3  Beginner Fitness class on Wednesday is on my lunch hour (SCORE!) and I can stay in a light weight environment as this class is for people who are beginners and that way I won’t feel much competition to do more than I should!

#4 Water Aerobics – this is offered a couple of times a week and as the months go on I will be sure to take advantage of this!

#5 WALK – I will make sure I walk everywhere and not find the closest parking humanly possible.

#6 Stay hydrated – this way I don’t feel any bad side effects from the exercise!

As time goes on this may change – but my plan is to stay as active as I can!!

5 Things I Would Like To Start A Group About

11 Aug

#1 – Happiness Project – Seriously one of the best books about becoming happier and finding ways to smile again! You should definitely read it!  I would like to start a group of like-minded people who meet up once a month (virtually, or what not) to think of things they really want to do that month. If it works out great, if not no big deal – maybe in the process they discovered something else they want to try!  Some of the ones from the book were – make time for exercise, sing in the morning, be nice, meet 3 people….  I think we all have things we want to do again or for the first time…why not get some girls together – it would be great encouragement!

#2 – Operation Beautiful – I am loving the concept of this. Caitlyn did awesome when she did this. I have already decided to devote my Sunday blog to her…so why keep going? It isn’t hard – just help people end the dreaded “Fat Talk” in any way you know how.  This group would not have any requirements except that you participate. How fun is that? We would just talk about ideas of what we are doing maybe via a Facebook group or something. But no mar commitment and sending the pictures of the end result to Caitlyn to post on her blog.

#3 – Round Robin Book Club – 6 or 12 people are needed – everyone starts out with a new book to read – then each month it gets passed on to the next person. Fun, right? I know!

#4 – Accountability Group – People who need to get more on track with their reading of the Word and maybe a Bible Study in there. I had talked about this on Monday in my Weekly Chase post – but I am serious…I think this is a great thing and I am glad I have three people who are wanting to join in! No judgement – just encouragement!

#5 – Scentsy Month Club – yes I am a dork….but this is something I love. I love Scentsy! I am a person who is signed up to sell it, but I just don’t do it like that. I buy for gifts and myself. Yeah I am selfish! Every once in a while I get in to a sale – but not often.  SO – what I am curious of – does anyone what to join a club? Each month you would purchase a minimum of product…then once a month you would be “hostess” and can get the hostess benefits! So say you get 5 people – the club would run 5 months and you would have to spend $30 each month. 6 people is 6 months and $25 dollars. Best way to stock up on scents and then buy a warmer with your benefits! I am also thinking of giving the profit to charity….what do you think?  https://missmollydr.scentsy.us see what you think!

Sooooo – if you are interested – or have more ideas – let me know!

Playlist Thursday – POP

9 Aug

Okay – with a theme of POP how can you do anything other than:


I am so sad that my kids won’t know him except through what I show them. I still think he could sing and dance like no one else.

Alright – Here it is again – Playlist Thursday brought to us by Pavement Runner

Please don’t forget to check out the Brian’s blog and see the list of everyone that is participating!!

Here is the format:

Something Old: These will be songs that are at least 5 years old. I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.

One of my favorites!

          Something Current: These will be songs that have been released within the past year. I know, but you have to give me some leeway here.

Okay – this is within the last two years and folks – this is as current as it gets!

Something to Consider: These will be songs that are not typically heard on the radio and may be by artists you’ve never heard of or considered running to. This is the wild card category, can be old or current.

This is one makes me teary and shows the impact he had on people …typical Michael making a statement.

Vlog #2 – VEDA

2 Aug

Please don’t forget to scroll down and see about your chance for the Mission Possible Giveaway!

May – I Am Glad You Are Over….

1 Jun


I drank some soda – but for the most part did really well in avoiding you!

I did great with not letting my dishes sit around – until yesterday and Nick pointed it out for me too…gee thanks hun 😉

I burned on the blogging regularly just due to some personal issues.

I wrote letters – but for some reason I still have them…um, hello? What good is that?

Choose to be happier. It worked for a little while.

My baby turned 5 and went to day-camp for the first time ever. So sad my big girls is growing up.

I tried camping in Alaska….screw that. I not decided that there must be no wind and weather above 60 degrees.

Today it was 58 degrees and I still had on a sweater and a jacket. Hello? How is this okay?

Space A flights out of Alaska were going 45 minutes from my parents house…$1500 to get back us just not affordable. I had a mental breakdown and cried for the first time. I really cried.  Nick just hugged me too and didn’t make fun of me. I love him.

Space A is flying into Pope AFB on June 2nd…..makes me sad again. I need to stop looking. I will never make out of Alaska alive.

I need a better outlet.

CrossFit is looking like more of an option as long as I can find it for free on base 🙂 I may need to work a deal with Nick to watch the kids more for me so I can get out frustrations of this place and become sane again.

My friends Petra, Tiffany, Marci, and Kelly all had babies. I do not get to hold one of them. And they are all baby girls. Not Fair.

I could really use some prayer right now if you can’t tell. I am becoming a bitter person and I don’t like it.

Here is to making some new June goals for myself. Some that will maybe find me some happiness. I need it.

I think my pity party is done for now.

I have some good news about a product review that will be coming your way – from me…This I am excited for!

My girls start their new preschool/daycare on Monday – this I am excited for. The fact that one month costs more than one of my paychecks (and I only get two a month) makes me sick though.

I played decent at our softball game on Wednesday – I was happy 🙂

I need a new hobby – ideas???

Nick is fishing – I can’t wait to eat fresh halibut.

Well May….so long – June – Welcome!


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