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Snowy Saturday

13 Oct

So….it is Saturday and it is snowing…yes – snowing. I still don’t think I am ready for another winter up here since it will actually be a full winter.  Oh, well I guess….I don’t really have much of a choice. So I am kind of reflecting here and am going to share some random thoughts….so get ready.

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr has a concussion and is out for 2 races and has ended his championship run in NASCAR. I am redneck and I love me some racing.
  • I am sad because they are racing in Charlotte today and I can’t go like I used to.
  • Reba has a new show on TV – she cracks me up.
  • I want Mexican food so I sent hubby a text message and he so graciously agreed. I think he just knows he needs to agree when I am very specific with a text message that states “I want cheese enchiladas.”
  • We had dinner with friends last night whom the hubby just got back from Afghanistan. I love it when they come home.
  • I want on post housing and I can’t wait for our lease to be up – the new houses are so nice!
  • Zumba is on schedule for next week and I couldn’t be happier.
  • I have not heard a word about Penn State football since the first game – such a shame that the players get punished in it all.
  • Iowa beat Michigan State? Man they need a new quarterback.
  • I completely enjoyed watching college football with my hubby on the couch this morning
  • My oldest kid is a brat.
  • John Deere has a new faster ATV – part of me still wishes I work there. I miss it and the people and my dealers. I miss them bunches.
  • I love Duck Dynasty – hysterical fun.
  • Willie is dumb and irritating to me though.
  • Quarter Horse Congress is going on in Ohio right now….as a matter of fact it is freestyle reining tonight and my parents are there. I am extremely  jealous.
  • I miss my rodeo days.
  • I miss the days of Tiffany, TJ, and Matt driving us around being the fun adult in charge.
  • I need a new haircut but I don’t trust anyone in this state the scissors. I need Kenneth’s Day Spa to fly a stylist up here. Pronto.
  • My friends at TNT are racing the Nike Women’s Marathon tomorrow – I was supposed to be there until Ritterbeck #3 came around. I wish them nothing but the best of luck. Go Get ’em!
  • I am thinking about posting more recipes – it is the time to start hibernating since I don’t like cold.
  • Notre Dame wins!
  • Let’s Go Yankees!
  • Ryley is playing with an Etch a Sketch – how fun 🙂
  • I hate that Facebook has emoticons.
  • I want to tan so bad right now – but obvious reasons won’t allow it.
  • I have two new books to start and I can’t wait!
  • I have one week off until school starts back up. Yippee!
  • I still want to go see Pitch Perfect – but will probably have to wait until it hits the $3.50 theater.
  • I love Squirt….so yummy – reminds me of summers in Traer, Iowa.
  • I hope South Carolina beats LSU.
  • Phones and text messages work both ways.
  • I am getting hungry – looks like it might be time to eat Mexican soon.
  • Tomorrow I get to check out Kids church – I hope it is fun and I like it enough to participate or know enough to say no.
  • Ryley just choose a PureBar over Gushers – I am one proud momma.
  • Kent St beat Army – wow.
  • Can you tell I love college football?
  • ECU won – yeah!
  • Akron lost – sorry Tressel – you were better a Buckeye, too bad you had knucklehead players.

My Giveaway winners will be announced on Monday – get your comments in!

So now I have a couple questions that I am hoping you all can help me with! Please comment away!

  • Is there a program I can easily use to do a “photo dump” onto a blog post?
  • Do you like recipes that are fast and friendly versus just healthy?
  • Got a Pinterest project you love? Let me know about it and I will try it! I am going to start getting my craft back on!
  • I still am in need of some more topics to cover! Let me have them!

What’s New Wednesday #20 – Virtual Races All Around!

12 Sep

Just wanted to stop in with a quick update to my blues of running. I am not really able to run right now due to being pregnant. I was told to take it easy on the running (like don’t push it – lots of alternating) as I am not a great runner by any means. I still struggle and have since this move up to the frozen tundra of Alaska. I just can’t get it together up here! I am resorting to treadmill walking and switching it up a bit to keep me attentive and actually working something.

To keep my boredom at bay – I am utilizing all the virtual races that are going on to keep me at this! I have already completed the virtual The Great Cupcake Race that was put on by Find Your Happy Place and Running In Sanity to help benefit TNT.  It was both 5K and 10K, but I of course opted to walk the 5K. I am now signed up for their Pumpkin themed race and have my kids also joining me on the  1 Mile portion. They will as well get a medal for doing it!!

Run With Jess has her cupcake race up and going and there is one more I am taking part in. My husband did tell me to find a hobby – so I did!

I hope you all will join me in these races (which I will post links to later), and let me know if you find some more!!

If I were to host one for a charity – who is in???

Motivating Monday #2

18 Jun

You CAN Do It

What’s New Wednesday #9

13 Jun

Oh yeah – here it is.  What is new you say??? It can’t be…I love virtual races! I think I am enjoying them because I don’t have to get up early on a weekend, arrange for a babysitter, or drive anywhere to fight for parking!  The only down-side is that we don’t get the awesome cheering from the sidelines, the goody bags, or the fresh fruit and snacks afterwards. I think I can get over it though.

I also think giving directly to causes instead of through events that have costs is much more beneficial!  I love those that provide free race entries of course, but I think that local charities benefit from these as well!  What are some of your favorite charities/causes that you religiously donate to?

I am thinking about hosting a summer racing series to help with my fundraising for Team In Training and to get people to gear up for some fun!  I should have technically started one this month – but I may just start it in July and have the final race on Labor Day…what do you think??  I want to have those who participate in all will get a special prize, and those that enter here and there have other prizes they can earn. I have seen so many fun things through many different races. I think I just need to get my butt in gear and make it happen.  What things do you love about virtual races? What added contests do you enjoy?

I am signed up for both a 5K and 10K race coming up – and if you check back through the previous posts you will find it along with the iBodyFit giveaway….lots of good stuff people!!

So – besides the virtual camaraderie of my blogging buddies – I don’t have a ton going on with running friends up here in the cold, frozen tundra they call Anchorage, Alaska.  You guys are all that I have! (That is not completely true, but I had a schedule that worked with my NC people…it will just take time to get there again!)

Princeton University scientists say they’ve determined exercising in groups, rather than alone, produces better results and is better for the brain.  Many people struggle to maintain a regular exercise schedule on their own, but they do better when they exercise with friends. I completely agree with this information coming from running with friends to just getting new friends to run with.  It is so nice to have that motivation and accountability. Team In Training is getting me back there, but it just isn’t the same so I am struggling with it a bit.  (This is from a study from Princeton University found here: http://phys.org/news11756.html)

I hope if you find any virtual races you will send the info my way! You can email me at mollyritterbeck@gmail.com – shout at me in the comments section, on Twitter @MissMollyDR….really people – I want the info! 🙂

I hope you have found something that you really enjoy and can share with others! Get out there and get moving folks!

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