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I Got A Gig!

23 Nov

I am so excited to tell you guys about a new opportunity I have in writing!!  It is over at Living Smart Girl and I will be over there each and every week – once a feel. I am working on my schedule and will update you each time I am over there!  Go on! Check out my first post!

Living Smart Girl

So It Is Saturday…

27 Oct

So it is Saturday and I am the first one awake and the silence is nice.  But alas it doesn’t last for long. Two small children are around and the cartoons must now come on so that I can continu to think through today’s plans.  Ahhh, the mom lessons I have learned. 

Today I am going to swing by he library to get the study book for the MAT – yes, I have to take a standardizedd test 🙂 

I need to stop by Barnes and Noble to spend my gift card 🙂 – I think I just am going through withdrawls since we have not gone once a week since school started.  I love that place.

We have to venture to WalMart or more likely the PX to get white tights for Ryley’s costume and Pink lipstick for Abby’s costume – as the Fall Festival is tonight and these are must have’s apparently. Pictures will follow after tonight.

I am going to meet up with another pregnant military wife and we are going to take my kids to the community center here on base so they can play while we walk on the treadmills to get some exercise going. 

I need to finish all my homewok today at some point as I don’t really want to ruin a Sunday with Abnormal Psych homework.

Tonight is the Fall Festival at school and I am actually excited about this!  Since we are still relatively new to living here and walking around outside in below freezing temperatures doesn’t sound fun at all – I am thankful that the school puts something on indoors.  Plus I can give them a little more freedom in a gym as opposed to a street.

I am going to treat me and the girls today because I want to. I want to eat frozen yogurt from Menchies.  I want a cheesesteak from the foodcourt – or some popeyes chicken.  I just realy want it despite all the comments that may come from it. I just don’t care today.

Last night the girls and I carved pumpkins on APU campus while the haunted house went on next door.  We had fun (I carved and they played) while people couldn’t finish the haunted house. Success on all parties putting on these events.

I now want some watermelon. Strange I know – but that is the thought I am leaving you with!


Playlist Thursday – Speeding Ticket Songs

18 Oct

It is that time again! Playlist Thursday!

The Theme: Speeing Ticket Songs!

Here are the rules:

Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old. (I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.)
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever.

Something Old:          CLICK HERE

Artist: Britney Spears – 2004         

Title: Toxic       

Side Note: Don’t deny it – you all love it and will be jamming out!

Quotable:  “With the taste of your lips I’m on a ride….”


Something Current:    CLICK HERE

Artist: Jason Aldeen – 2010  

Title:My Kinda Party 

Side Note: Even though he is a douche bag for kissing another female while his wife and three kids are at home – I like the song – even more so the Brantley Gilbert Version just because thel yrics are a little different.  

Quotable:  “Oh Baby you can find me, on the back of a jacked up tailgate….” This was so true when we were in North Carolina – oh how I miss you!


Something To Consider: CLICK HERE

Artist: Eric Church  

Title:Drink In My Hand 

Side Note: We love Eric Church. Plain and Simple.  

Quotable:  “You be my Lois Lane, I’ll be your Super Man, All you got to do is put a drink in my hand.”

This Has Been Me…

25 Sep

Yeah – not feeling so hot….part being pregnant and first tri-mester and part I caught a stomach bug…Please bare with me folks…

I Won’t….

11 Sep

My September Goals and Challenges!

2 Sep

I think I over-do it sometimes, but I am going to have a great month – I can’t just feel it! 

I am participating in the September #colourfulphotoaday Contest. I have failed on this mornings actual breakfast of strawberries – so I need to be creative in making this one!

Fitknitchick is hosting a Fresh Start Challenge and I am very excited – I even have some new notebooks to track some things….I can’t wait!

I am going to continue The Weekly Chase over at Live Love Run – my friend Melissa hosts this every week and it is great!

Fitness Cheerleader is hosting a prompt challenge – so my blog may look different this month with some of the same thrown in there!

I have also given myself some other goals to attain! Want to join me in any of these? Let me know and I will be more than willing to email or text you to support your goals! My email is mollyritterbeck[at]

Life Goals

  • Bring Back the Romance
  • Do 1 Thing New Each Week
  • Make 2 Large Steps within My Beach Body Business

Blog/Vlog Goals

  • Continue to Grow Audience
  • Find Guest Posts For Me and For Others
  • More Pictures on Blogs
  • More Variety in Vlogs

Food Goals

  • Get Girls A Warm Breakfast At Least 3 Days A Week
  • Bring Healthy Snacks To Work
  • Meal Prep

Fitness Goals

  • Yoga At Night
  • Walk/Elliptical At Work On Lunch
  • Work On Legs


  • Awans For Both Kids
  • Daisy’s For Abby
  • Story-Time At Night
  • Quality Time

I think that it isn’t too much – I just hope that I can really do what I want to this month!

I am also excited as the Army is putting on a Marriage Retreat in Seward, Alaska and I hope that it turns out well. It isn’t much like our retreats in NC to the beach, but I will make the best of it!

My first official doctors appointment is this Friday morning and I can’t wait to go. I think it will just make it all the more real!

Keep an eye out for some more posts as I work on my prompts!

What’s New Wednesday #19

29 Aug

Holy Late Balls!

I am so behind this week – mainly becuase I started school and my kids are in week two and I actually have to get my butt in gear!  I think next week it will be even more of a wake up when Nick goes back to work from being on vacation! AHH!

So what is new you might ask….SCHOOL & MORE!

I am jumping back into school and today I start Intro To Psych and I am so excited! I have been looking into a couple new paths I want to take and am going to take a look at these paths until I either realize it isn’t what I want to do or it is what I want to do! i figure I will never know until I really dive in!

#1 – Yoga is starting to really come back into my mind all the time…

#2 – CrossFit is continually coming into my brain as I am a competitive person and I think being only able to do modified will help me be ready for when the time comes that I can dive right in! Form is everything and I believe that these modifications will allow this!

#3 – Military Youth – I really want to dive into helping youth in the military that are dealing with deployments and moves. I know my family really had to deal with this moving from North Carolina to Alaska.  I want to make sure that these kids have an outlet and a positive one at that. With the psych classes and even fitness I want to show them they can see positive in it all.

#4 – Personal Trainers Certification – Must Get

#5 – Yoga Certification – Think I want to get!

Wow – that is today.

Please don’t forget that there is a giveaway going on still – jsut check it out HERE

September Challenges!!

25 Aug

Check out what people are up to this month – and maybe join in!

Joine Melanie over at Nutritious Eats for her 30 Day Health Challenge!

My girl Tamara at fitknitchick has The Fresh Start Fitness Challenge

Laura at MommyRunFast has a Labor Day 5 or 10 Mile Virtual Run

Heather at Better WIth Veggies is hosting Meatless Mondays A-Z  and here is the update with the ingredients –> Ingredients

If you have a challenge – feel free to send it to me!

Playlist Thursday – Local Flavor

16 Aug

So I am going to go with Texas local as it is a local band that is just awesome! They are the only real “local” band that I listen to and I love the,. They remind me of my friend Tiffany in Texas and my one of my dearest friends Jesse Ray. Please give them a listen and as always – please hop over to Pavement Runner’s Page that is the main listing of those playing along!

Without Further Delay – Here is the Casey Donahew Band!

Something Old: These will be songs that are at least 5 years old

Title: Stockyards

Side Note: They do not really have video’s because they are really just  local band and which in Texas is still big 🙂

Quotable: “I drank my first beer, I cried my first tears on the corner of North and Main”

Something Current: These will be songs that have been released within the past year – and they actually got their very first video on CMT within the last year!

Title: Double-Wide Dream

Side Note: This was done on their land and I believe it was at a family member’s trailer. His wife is the blonde in here and from my friend Jesse Ray – she is a feisty girl….

Quotable: “She’s the welcome mat to my home, sweet home”

Something to Consider: These will be songs that are not typically heard on the radio and may be by artists you’ve never heard of or considered running to. This is the wild card category, can be old or current.

Title: Stay

Side Note: This is totally something to listen to…so good and of course what is a country band that doesn’t have an awesome sad song?

Quotable: “There’s a secret on the telephone tonight”

As I did a couple weeks ago – I have some extra credit because I sincerely love this band….I really wish I could see them live once….just once…so until then I will listen to them on iTunes and YouTube…. *sigh*

Title: White-Trash Story

Side Note: If our #3 is a boy Nick wants to have a Jr – and then call him Deuce….just listen…

Quotable: “You know those had to be – the coolest things I’d seen”

#MonkeyMat Pictures

12 Aug

Here are some pictures I have taken of the #MonkeyMat I have been using! This coming week we are going to soak up the last of the summer fun before school starts – so we will be much more active in our pictures!  What could you do with this mat???

Indoor Picnic as the #MonkeyMat is much easier to clean!


These edges are weighted and stay put but have a loop just in case you want to make it stay. These are also perfect for little hands to grab for inpromptu games!


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