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So It Is Saturday…

27 Oct

So it is Saturday and I am the first one awake and the silence is nice.  But alas it doesn’t last for long. Two small children are around and the cartoons must now come on so that I can continu to think through today’s plans.  Ahhh, the mom lessons I have learned. 

Today I am going to swing by he library to get the study book for the MAT – yes, I have to take a standardizedd test 🙂 

I need to stop by Barnes and Noble to spend my gift card 🙂 – I think I just am going through withdrawls since we have not gone once a week since school started.  I love that place.

We have to venture to WalMart or more likely the PX to get white tights for Ryley’s costume and Pink lipstick for Abby’s costume – as the Fall Festival is tonight and these are must have’s apparently. Pictures will follow after tonight.

I am going to meet up with another pregnant military wife and we are going to take my kids to the community center here on base so they can play while we walk on the treadmills to get some exercise going. 

I need to finish all my homewok today at some point as I don’t really want to ruin a Sunday with Abnormal Psych homework.

Tonight is the Fall Festival at school and I am actually excited about this!  Since we are still relatively new to living here and walking around outside in below freezing temperatures doesn’t sound fun at all – I am thankful that the school puts something on indoors.  Plus I can give them a little more freedom in a gym as opposed to a street.

I am going to treat me and the girls today because I want to. I want to eat frozen yogurt from Menchies.  I want a cheesesteak from the foodcourt – or some popeyes chicken.  I just realy want it despite all the comments that may come from it. I just don’t care today.

Last night the girls and I carved pumpkins on APU campus while the haunted house went on next door.  We had fun (I carved and they played) while people couldn’t finish the haunted house. Success on all parties putting on these events.

I now want some watermelon. Strange I know – but that is the thought I am leaving you with!



Sleep Pink Party!

8 Oct

I was able to have a Sleep Pink party sponsored by Estroven!

I was unable to get girlfriends on short notice – so instead  I had a party that involved my two little girls and introducing them to people they did not get to meet because the disease took them before they were born.  I want them to know these people and the strong individuals that they were.

I waas able to put them each in pink bedding and some pink PJ’s – we had pink toothbrushes – we had pink kool-aid – and ate pink popsicles before bed!

Here is us setting up!

We had a Christmas for added dramatic fun!

Pink Bedding is a must!

We also had a Pink Cupcake with birthday cake scent for a yummy environment!

Cuddles are the best!

Nothing better than pink toothbrushes to wash away pink mouths from popsicles!

I am not sure how much of the information or picture images of these people they will actually retain. I just know for me it was almost healing to relive the moments I had spent with these people in my life. I still remember and will always. Maybe now my girls will too.

During the month of October, Estroven is providing women with the necessary tools to host a Sleep Pink-themed party on SleepPink.com. The site will allow party hosts to upload photographs of their events, and for every photo, the company will pledge $100 to benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It will also provide information to help organize the Sleep Pink parties including downloadable invitations, menopause-friendly
drink and food recipe suggestions, as well as décor and entertainment ideas.

To find out how to host an Estroven Sleep Pink-themed party and raise funds for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, visit www.SleepPink.com.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Estroven. The opinions and text are all mine.

Get Busy on Wednesday of Spring Break!! #4, #7, #11, #14, and #21

15 Mar

So only three things crossed off – but I felt really great about it! I had the girls at home as we had a dentist appointment yesterday. Abby, surprise, didn’t shut put he whole time and was told she was doing great. A little bit of brushing still needed to be learned and yet another strange sighting with her teeth happened – she keeps us on our toes 🙂  Ryley kept on hand over her mouth almost the entire time, but finally let the hygienist and dentist take a couple looks and she got t get her prize. Hands down a great place for kids and mom was happy as the dentist wasn’t horrible to look at. I think he became 10 times hotter just hearing him talk about his two little girls and helping them.  Gotta love a family man – and no family man is hotter than mine still.

#4 – Bake stuff. You can also count this as partly #13 as I used recipes from Pintrest.  You need an invite? Let me send you one – just leave me your email address. You should also hope on over and see my boards – they are all things that can be done!  Here is what was accomplished Wednesday:

Honey Garlic Pork – I used it with Chicken and put it over white rice…yum!

Sopapilla Cheesecake – SO EASY! Nick thought it tasted like the cheese danishes he buys at the shopette.

Single ingredient ice cream – made from bananas – okay this has been finished yet as I put them in the freezer and forgot about them – but I will today since the girls are going to daycare!


I have also decided that as I make these things I will delete them from my boards and actually write them down and add them to my cookbook.  It is stilly to keep them on my “wish boards” as I call them.  Plus I won’t get overwhelmed by all the images 🙂

#7 Make some things – I made cute little picture frame dry erase boards for the girls. They have their chore lists on them and the bathroom routine to make sure they brush their teeth. They can check off the box and we can wipe them clean that night. I love them and can’t wait to show them when I get a dry erase marker.

#11 Watch girlie movies – I had two knocked out yesterday before 10:00 am.  Burlesque and He’s Just Not That Into You.  I love that Julianne Hough was in Burlesque – I love her and am still patiently waiting for Nick to buy me Footloose.  I am also watching the Devil Wears Prada as we speak 🙂 It is not 7 am yet here in Alaska.

#14 Read a book or two. I actually finished two yesterday and plan on finishing a third today. I am loving the time I get to spend with books that looked so awesome I had to get them! So fun – I am also making it a priority to keep reading and use that as my lunch break de-stressor so that I can escape the silliness of the workplace.

#21 Put together a meal/workout plan to ge track on the ball – I have this started – I will need to tweak it some and maybe change things around.  I am excited that I am actually researching to find what will stick 🙂  BTW – can you tell that I am smiley these days?

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