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5 Oct

This can be yours!

How you say?

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Playlist Thursday – Songs That Remind You of Childhood

3 Oct

To Participate:

Every Thursday we create a list composed of 3 songs that can, or should be, added to your workout playlist. Here is the simple format:

Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old. (I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.)
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever.

Brian – Please tell your daughter Happy Birthday from me and my family!

Something Old:

Artist:  New Kids On The Block

Title: Please Don’t Go Girl

Sidenote: I freaking loved Joey & Jordan when they were kids.

Quoteable: I love you….I guess I…Always Will…..GGGGIIIRRRLLLLLL



Something Current:

Artist: One Direction

Title: What Makes You Beautiful

Sidenote: I will admit I am glad there are still boybands for my girls to enjoy 🙂

Quoteable: Everyone else int he room can see it – Everyone else but you… (so sad that is is a normal thing these days)


Something To Consider:

Artist: New Edition

Title: Candy Girl

Sidenote: Bobbie Brown when he was normal – ponder that.

Quoteable: Hey Fellas – Check out Mike and Bobby’s Little Lady….WoooooWeeeeeeee


Gotta Love Thursdays 🙂

Thanks Pavement Runner – We Love It!

Blogtober and Vlogtober Info!

1 Oct

This is on the Vlog from Saturday – please note – that this is something I want to encourage everyone to participate in but if you can’t do them all – just do as much as you can…only you know your schedule.

First and foremost – there will not be prompts for everyday – you have to be able to do these without help. These are to help in blank days that always come and it will also help you to think of new ways to blog and blog!


Beautiful badge made by Lynda – click on her name and thank her for this! Steal this photo!

Challenge – Link up with a blogger. There are so many days out there that people participate in – Playlist Thursday, Wordless Wednesday, Fitness Friday, High 5 Friday, Thirsty Thursday, Weekly Chase, Marvelous In My Monday, etc…. LINK UP FOLKS! You can find new blogs this way and new topics to cover! Do this at least once!

Challenge – Get a guest blogger. Share the love and step out of the rut – this can cover a blank day!! Do this at least once!

Find a suggestion from the Facebook Groups – find a simple topic you love and cover it – maybe someone will learn something new!

Training Exercises

Where do you work out? When do you do it?

Why do you exercise? What is your story?

Why do you do what you do?

What is on your bucket list? Which item do you want most to do and why?

What tech gadget do you want? Do you use? Do you hate?

What is your best friend in your gym? iPod? Trainer?

What is your cooking style? Are you Paula Dean? Do you try and make grandma’s meals healthier?  Are you vegan?

Someone has to say it – what is your platform?

What is your favorite brand of something?

What do you spend your money on?

What do you do with the blog info you read?

How will you change the world?

What frustrates you?

How do you get over bad habits?

How do you handle criticism?

How do you get out of a slump?

By all means – these can also be used as Vlog topics….write down other ideas that get by reading these…you can do it!!


Three Themed Days Only – Be you for the others!

Mondays: Post your weekly goals (check out My posts on The Weekly Chase each Monday as I am in a link up)

They can be about whatever you want – make yourself accountable!

Wednesday: What’s New Wednesday – what is a new move you have learned, a new class, a new shoe, a new product, a new song, ANYTHING NEW!

Friday: FitFluential Friday – show us a new move, bucket list, gadget list, meals – what has helped you to be #fitfluential.

Talk about your bucket list, gadget list, campaigns, dream campaigns.

Talk about your favorite ambassador!

Fitness Friday #9

17 Aug

Pregnancy….got to love it! I know for me that I will need to take it easy at first. I am usually pretty sick and I don’t want to push my luck in the beginning. I do know however that there are certain things that I will be doing for this pregnancy and during it so that my hips, that are already bad, will stay loose and I will not be out of breath walking at month 7!

Luckily my campus has on-sight *free* fitness classes that I can take advantage of and it will fit perfectly into my budget! The public is welcome – they have a minimal fee of $5 per class – which I say isn’t bad!

#1 Beach Body has a yoga DVD that is for pregnancy – I will be ordering it and I will be giving more information on it as we go!

 #2 Zumba – the instructor just had her 4th baby and will be very familiar with what I should and should not be doing! that is two nights a week but I will most likely only do one.

#3  Beginner Fitness class on Wednesday is on my lunch hour (SCORE!) and I can stay in a light weight environment as this class is for people who are beginners and that way I won’t feel much competition to do more than I should!

#4 Water Aerobics – this is offered a couple of times a week and as the months go on I will be sure to take advantage of this!

#5 WALK – I will make sure I walk everywhere and not find the closest parking humanly possible.

#6 Stay hydrated – this way I don’t feel any bad side effects from the exercise!

As time goes on this may change – but my plan is to stay as active as I can!!

Fitness Friday #8

10 Aug

Okay – first let’s get some business taken care of : Mission Possible Giveaway Winner: Jennifer Boudreau – I sent a Facebook Message for your address! CONGRATS!

Okay – so now that we are talking Baby #3 is on the way…my fitness is going to need to be modified as we go! Since I am a new BeachBody Coach I am obviously going to be using their workouts – lots of Turbo Jam up in here!!! I also am going to be using Shakelology – once my doctor okays it – as my pre-natal vitamin. I cannot swallow huge pills and since they are gross in and of itself – I am praying they say okay!

Instead of running I will be reverting the elliptical machine on my lunch hour as I need something to stay moving due to the joint issues I have. I need to keep the joints moving and running just won’t do as I don’t want to be jumping and jostling a while bunch and I can still slow and speed up as my body says it is okay.

I have also signed up for a class called Fitness for Life here at Alaska Pacific University and I cannot wait to take it!  I think it will help me get a better understanding of  some basics and some obvious new nutrition info that I could use. I am taking this as a first step towards my personal training and more in-depth coaching with Team Beach Body.

Lots of fun and exciting things coming in my future and I cannot wait to take charge of it all! I will prevail!

Check Me Out – But Not Here :)

3 Aug

I am so honored and blessed to be a guest blogger today over at a blog that is owned by a man they call Pavement Runner.

(Yes – please click on his name to get there)

Thank you for the opportunity as it truly means the world to me!!!

July Goals

1 Jul

So I am a goal maker. I am a list maker.  I get satisfaction from checking things off my list as done. That is why I like the beginning of the month – new goal time!!

June goals did not go as well as I had planned, but I am not going to let that get me down – I am going to press on!  I was initially going to blog today’s post – but we had a good ‘ol fashioned lazy family day!

If you don’t have any goals – here are a couple of people that are offering challenges for the month of July!

Tara Burner has the July Plank, Push Up & Squat July Challenge

Angela Simpson has a new challenge that she is going to offer up on Thursday at her blog Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat

Laury Ann Raiken has a 30 Day Grain Free Challenge starting up this week at The Fitness Dish

Strong Like Us Ab Challenge over on YouTube!

CrazySexyFitt’s July Plank Challenge

I also like to check out other people who list their goals and one of my favorites that I read today was a girl who I am loving! Her name is Meg and her blog is A Dash of Meg

I like that she is like me and totally not perfect and admits she didn’t make goals, but like me – doesn’t beat herself up over them!

Here are my July goals:

Try a New Fitness Class or Two. Barre class, spinning, or just a regular yoga or pilates class in an actual studio.

Participate in Katie’s Photo a Day. This one I totally found through Meg’s blog and am glad I did – it sounds awesome! I will be doing this through Instagram – @MissMollyDR is my name so check me out! Katie can be found over at Healthy Diva Eats.

Read a Book. I love to read and think that I just need to make it a goal to read one (or two) so that I can get it back in my schedule.

Make Time For Me. I find I do a lot for others and I tend to not even really take my lunch break anymore. I am going to make it a priority to seek out time for myself whether it is just going to the Starbucks on my lunch, or what not – finding some time to just be alone and quiet will be good.

Complete Challenges This Month. I will be participating in Tara Burner’s challenge, and CrazySexyFitt’s challenge, and maybe one more challenge. The only reason I choose to do three so far is that there are two that are similar!

Run 7 miles. I mean it. I want to run a full 7 miles by the end of the month. I can do it – I know I can.

Gain 1,000 Followers on Twitter. I can do it. I just need to coach myself through making sure I reciprocate what is given.

Have 2,000 Followers on My Blog.  I will do it – You just wait and see!

Clean My Car Inside & Out. I didn’t even think about doing it last month even though it was a goal. Sorry dear!

I think that is all for now, which I still think  it plenty since I have full days as it is. I like to challenge myself and I think this will be a great month with added fun because of it!

What are your goals???

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